Parktown Residence @ Tampines North 2024

Evening At Parktown Residence With Residents Outdoors, Modern Buildings Amidst Greenery, Under A Clear Sky.

Key Highlights

  1. Everyone’s looking forward to Parktown Residence at Tampines North, a new place to live that promises not just a great spot on the map but also fancy perks, green living, easy travel options, and chances for your money to grow.
  2. Sitting in Tampines North, one of Singapore’s important areas for future plans, this residential development makes getting around super simple. With big roads and growing public transport nearby, moving from point A to B is a breeze.
  3. At Parktown Residence folks will find all sorts of top-notch facilities like swimming pools where you can chill out or splash around with friends and family; there’s even a clubhouse if you’re up for some socializing. Tennis courts are available too among other things which altogether make life here pretty sweet.
  4. This place isn’t just about luxury though; it’s built keeping the planet in mind. There are lots of green spots where you can catch your breath away from city noise plus everything is set up thinking about clean energy so everyone can lead more eco-friendly lives.
  5. -With its awesome location near the soon-to-be-ready Tampines North MRT Station on the Cross Island Line making trips easier than ever before combined with its potential as an investment hotspot – both people wanting their own home or those eyeing opportunities see huge value here.


In the heart of Tampines North, Parktown Residences is starting a new chapter in city life for 2024. This place was created by UOL Group and Singapore Land, making it a real standout spot right in the center of things. With easy access to big roads and the soon-to-be-ready Tampines North MRT station, getting around couldn’t be simpler. It’s not just about great transport links though; this development is surrounded by lush parks, top schools nearby, and all sorts of facilities that meet everyone’s needs. Living here means being part of an exciting community in what can only be described as a prime spot for anyone looking to make their home in Tampines North.

Overview of Parktown Residence @ Tampines North

Parktown Residence @ Tampines North is all about city life at its best, right in the center of Tampines North. Created by UOL Group and Singapore Land, this place is designed for everyone to live together happily, meeting a wide variety of needs. With easy travel options thanks to big roads nearby and the soon-to-be-ready Tampines North MRT station, plus great schools just around the corner, Parktown Residence makes it simple to get to lots of different services, places for fun activities, and areas with trees and nature.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Right in the heart of Tampines North, Parktown Residence is perfectly placed for easy living. With everything you need just around the corner, getting to places like the Tampines North MRT Station, Tampines Mall, and Century Square is a breeze. It’s super close to big roads like the Tampine Expressway and even new transport routes such as the Cross Island Line are popping up nearby. This means traveling to different parts of Singapore from this prime spot couldn’t be simpler, especially with the future Tampines North MRT station providing unparalleled convenience for residents. Living here puts you right at the center of city life with all its conveniences.

The Vision Behind Parktown Residence

Parktown Residence is all about bringing to life a city-style living space right in the center of Tampines North. It’s a project by UOL Group and Singapore Land, aiming to cater to everyone’s needs with its thoughtful design. This place isn’t just about having a roof over your head; it’s more than that. With everything from schools nearby for top-notch education, loads of fun places to hang out at, and even easy ways to get around town like major roads and the soon-to-be-ready Tampines North MRT station – they’ve thought of it all.

The vision behind Parktown Residence is to create an energetic neighborhood that caters to the diverse needs of residents, with essential amenities such as a bus interchange, a community club, and a hawker centre integrated into the development. The idea is simple: create an inclusive and vibrant environment within Parktown Residence where residents can easily access everything they need.

Architectural Highlights of Parktown Residence

Parktown Residence is all about living green and sustainably, with a design that fits right in with the nearby nature. It’s built to encourage an eco-friendly way of life. With its fancy features, like big rooms and up-to-date stuff for everyone who lives there, it really thinks about what different people need. Located in Tampines North, this place puts you right where urban life meets learning and fun things to do—all planned out from the start to make sure residents get the best of everything. This mix offers a complete lifestyle that values both quality education and having places to relax and play without stepping far from home.

Innovative Design Features

Step into the future at Parktown Residences @ Tampines North, a place where modern design takes urban living to new heights. With features like smart home tech and eco-friendly materials, every aspect screams contemporary. The buildings are designed with both looks and practicality in mind, making life here smooth and pleasant for everyone. It’s more than just living; it’s about enjoying innovation mixed with sophistication right in the heart of Tampines North. Here, being innovative isn’t just an idea—it truly shapes how comfortable and stylish your home feels from every angle.

Sustainability and Green Living

At Parktown Residence, living green is a big deal. They’ve taken a whole-picture approach to make sure everything from the ground up is eco-friendly, cutting down on harm to our planet. For folks who live there, it means getting to be part of an area that’s all about being kinder to the environment right in Tampines North. With lots of green spaces and places for fun activities around, it’s easy for residents to step outside and enjoy nature or get active outdoors thanks to its smart placement. This focus on sustainability doesn’t just mean a nicer place to live; it also makes for healthier surroundings for everyone calling this vibrant community home.

The Residential Experience at Parktown Residence

Living at Parktown Residence is a top-notch experience, right in the heart of Tampines North. This place isn’t just any home; it’s an integrated development that takes urban living up a notch. With homes designed to meet all sorts of needs, everyone can find their perfect spot here, whether they need a lot of room or just a little. And talk about perks – there are swimming pools to cool off in, tennis courts for some action, and even a clubhouse where you can chill out or hang with friends. It’s all set in prime location which means everything you need is right on your doorstep. So yeah, if you’re looking for luxury city life combined with comfort and convenience, Parktown Residence has got it covered.

Luxurious Amenities for Residents

At Parktown Residence, folks have access to a wide range of amenities that make life both fun and luxurious. With things like swimming pools, tennis courts, and a clubhouse on offer, there’s always something to do. For those who love the water or enjoy playing tennis with friends and family, this place has got you covered. And if chilling out is more your thing, the clubhouse is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Around the development are beautifully kept gardens and green spaces that create a peaceful atmosphere where residents can unwind in nature. On top of all this, there are plenty of spots designed for socializing or hosting events including BBQ pits and areas set up for outdoor dining. In short,Parktown Residence makes sure its residents have no shortage when it comes to enjoying a high-quality lifestyle filled with leisure activities.

Types of Units and Their Unique Characteristics

At Parktown Residence, they’ve got a bunch of different types of homes to fit what all kinds of people might need. From small 1-bedroom places perfect for someone on their own, up to big 5-bedroom apartments for families needing lots of room. The size of these places can be as cozy as about 431 square feet or go all the way up to a huge 2,000 square feet space. They really thought about how to make the best use out of every single square foot in designing these units so that everyone gets just the right amount of space and comfort they’re looking for. So no matter if you’re after something snug or with plenty more room, Parktown Residence has it ready for you with their carefully crafted floor plans, because they understand folks have diverse needs when it comes down to picking a place to live.

Connectivity and Transportation

At Parktown Residence, getting around is a breeze thanks to its great location and transport links. It’s right by the soon-to-come Tampines North MRT Station, which means getting to different parts of Singapore is super easy. Just a quick walk from home, and you can hop on the MRT for work or fun adventures in the city. For those who like driving, no worries! The place has got you covered with quick routes to big roads like the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE). So whether it’s catching a train or hitting the road in your car, living here ensures seamless connectivity and unparalleled convenience without any fuss.

Proximity to Public Transport Options

Living in Parktown Residence means you’re right next to a bunch of public transport options, making it super easy to get around Singapore. The place is close to the Tampines North MRT station that’s still being built. This station will be part of the Cross Island Line (CRL), which is great because it’ll let people travel quickly and easily not just into the city center but also over to places like Jurong Lake District and Changi Airport. On top of that, Parktown Residence has its own bus interchange built-in, providing seamless access to other parts of Singapore and key employment hubs. With all these transportation links right at their doorstep, residents of Parktown Residence can easily commute to various destinations without any hassle.

Access to Major Highways and Road Networks

Living at Parktown Residence means you can get on the big roads and highways super easily, making driving around a breeze. It’s right next to the Tampines Expressway (TPE), so getting to places like Punggol and Seletar is straight-up direct. Plus, hopping onto the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) from here is no sweat either, taking you right into the heart of Singapore. With its smart spot, Parktown Residence makes sure folks living there have easy access to all these major routes. This means whether you’re off to work or out for some fun in different parts of town, moving about by car couldn’t be more straightforward from this place.

Educational Institutions Near Parktown Residence

Parktown Residence is in a great spot for families who want their kids to get a good education. It’s close to some top-notch schools, like Poi Ching School and St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary Schools, not forgetting Gongshang Primary School and Angsana Primary School too. These places are all about making sure students do well in their studies and grow up to be good people. For those looking ahead, Temasek Polytechnic isn’t far away either, offering more chances for learning as your kids get older. With these educational institutions nearby, including Angsana Primary School, Parktown Residence stands out as the perfect place for parents focused on quality education for their children.

Renowned Schools and Educational Facilities

Living at Parktown Residence means you’re right next to some top-notch schools, making it super easy for folks with kids to get them a great education from the get-go. For starters, there’s Poi Ching School nearby, as well as other renowned international schools and specialized institutions such as Overseas Family School and United World College (UWCSEA). These schools provide a diverse and global learning environment for students, preparing them for the future in a competitive world. It’s only a quick drive away too.

Then, for those looking into more advanced studies or vocational training, Temasek Polytechnic isn’t far off either. It’s one of the best around in Singapore and offers loads of courses in tech stuff, business skills, and even design work – perfect for getting hands-on experience and readying students for real-world jobs.

And if you’re leaning towards an international curriculum that’s recognized worldwide? The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) is within reach as well from Parktown Residence. They offer the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is pretty much your ticket to global educational opportunities.

With these institutions like Poi Ching School,Temasek Polytechnic,and United World College of South East Asia so close by,Parktown Residence really puts quality education within arm’s reach at every level thanks to being in such close proximity.

Benefits for Families with School-Going Children

Parktown Residence is a great spot for families with kids in school. It’s really close to both primary and secondary schools, making it super easy for your children to get a good education.

For the younger ones, Poi Ching School, St. Hilda’s Primary School, Gongshang Primary School, and Tampines Primary School are all just a quick drive away. These places are known for their well-rounded way of teaching and their focus on doing well in school.

When it comes to high schoolers, they’ve got options like St. Hilda’s Secondary School, Tampines Secondary School, and Anglican High School not too far off. These schools are pretty respected because they help students do well both in class and outside of it.

With these reputable schools so nearby Parktown Residence offers an ideal setup where families don’t have to worry about long commutes or finding quality education elsewhere; everything you need is right around the corner!

Shopping and Lifestyle Amenities

Living at Parktown Residence means you’re right in the middle of a shopping paradise. With Tampines Mall and Century Square just a hop, skip, and jump away, everything you need or want is super close. These places are packed with stores for shopping, lots of food options, and fun stuff to do which pretty much covers what everyone might be looking for. On top of that, Parktown Residence has its own special area filled with shops and places to eat without even having to leave home, providing convenient access to a diverse range of retail and dining options. It’s like having your mini-mall! This place isn’t just about the convenience; it’s also about being part of a lively community where there’s always something going on—a perfect spot if you love living somewhere vibrant.

Retail Outlets and Shopping Malls Nearby

Living in Parktown Residence means you’re never far from some great shopping spots. With Tampines Mall and Century Square close by, whether you decide to take a short drive or just walk, getting what you need or indulging in some retail therapy is easy. At Tampines Mall, which is one of the biggest malls around here, there are more than 160 places where you can shop, eat out, or have fun watching movies and doing other stuff, including entertainment facilities. It’s pretty cool because they’ve got both local shops and big international brands for everyone to check out. Then there’s Century Square that recently got a makeover and now looks super modern with lots of different stores and food places to try something new every time.

These malls make sure living at the heart of Tampins isn’t just convenient but also exciting with all their fashion finds electronics gadgets dining spotsand entertainment options right on your doorstep at Parktown Residence.

Dining and Entertainment Options

Besides the malls, folks living in Parktown Residence have a lot to enjoy when it comes to eating out and having fun around Tampines. This place is famous for its lively hawker centers that serve up both local favorites and dishes from all over the world. These spots give people a taste of Singapore’s diverse food culture.

For fun activities, residents can check out everything Our Tampines Hub has to offer. It’s the biggest spot in Singapore where community life and lifestyle come together under one roof. You’ll find sports facilities, a library, theaters for performing arts, and lots of places to eat there too. With so many different restaurants and hawker centers close by offering various kinds of food, everyone’s sure to find something they like whether they’re in the mood for something laid-back or fancy dining experiences are more their style; Parktown Residence with its surroundings caters well with an extensive mix of options for dining out as well as entertainment choices fitting every taste.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

For those who love being outdoors and enjoying nature, Parktown Residence is ideally located close to several parks and places for fun activities. Just a short distance away is Tampines Eco Green, a peaceful spot filled with greenery where you can go for walks, watch birds, and just relax. Then there’s Bedok Reservoir Park not too far off either. It’s great for anyone into water sports or if you prefer jogging or biking around. These spots give folks living at Parktown Residence plenty of options to get outside and do something active or unwind amidst nature. With easy access to these areas, residents have all sorts of outdoor activities right on their doorstep – whether they’re looking to chill out with a leisurely stroll or get the heart racing with some water sports action.

Green Spaces Within and Surrounding Parktown Residence

At Parktown Residence, being near green spaces is a big plus. It means you can easily get to places like Tampines Eco Green, where the surroundings are calm and filled with nature. This spot has lots of trees and paths that are kept in good shape for walking. For those who love being outside, there’s plenty to do like watching birds or taking pictures of the natural world around them. Within Parktown Residence itself, there are spots full of plants and nice views that give everyone a quiet place to chill out or take it easy. The way this area is set up with all its plant life makes living here feel peaceful and helps people live in a way that’s good for their health too. Whether you’re into going for walks, doing stuff outdoors, or just liking looking at beautiful scenes from nature, Parktown Residence has got enough room outdoors to meet what you’re looking for.

Community Centers and Sports Facilities

At Parktown Residence, folks have the chance to join in at community centers and enjoy sports facilities. This place is all about bringing people together and giving them fun stuff to do. With a community club and hawker centre right there, it’s like the heart of where everyone meets for socializing and having a good time with different kinds of recreational activities. People living here can get involved in events happening around them, making friends along the way which really brings everyone closer as a community. On top of that, there are places for swimming and working out at the gym available too. These spots help everyone keep fit while having fun without even needing to step outside their home area. So whether you’re into hanging out with others, getting some exercise or just chilling out, Parktown Residence has something special for every resident’s needs.

Investment Potential and Market Insights

Parktown Residence in Tampines North is shaping up to be a great investment spot. It’s got the backing of big names like UOL Group, Singapore Land, and CapitaLand Development through their joint venture. This means it comes with a stamp of quality and expertise.

With an eye on Tampines North, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) sees it as an area ripe for growth. They’re planning better infrastructure and more amenities there. Because more people are moving in and businesses are setting up shop, houses here could become really sought after.

Looking at what’s happening in real estate, places outside the city center like Tampine North are getting more popular. People find them affordable yet well-connected with good facilities around – which ticks many boxes for buyers or renters.

By putting your money into Parktown Residence, you’re looking at possibly making some good gains over time thanks to its excellent location that includes shopping and office spaces right where you live plus easy access everywhere else – all key ingredients for attracting interest from those wanting to invest or nest.

Real Estate Trends in Tampines North

In Tampines North, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) sees a bright future with big plans for growth. This area is getting more popular because more people are moving in and there’s a growing need for homes due to job increases.

Looking at how things are going in real estate, investing in Tampines North seems like a smart move. The cost per square foot per plot ratio has been climbing steadily, showing that property values could go up.

With new projects like Parktown Residence mixing places to live, shops, and spots for the community all together, it makes living here even better. It’s not just about having everything close by but also enjoying quality life right where you live.

Because of its great spot on the map, easy ways to get around town and lots of handy facilities nearby – think schools to learn something new or parks for fun – both investors and folks looking to buy their next home find Tampines North really appealing. With improvements being made all the time and new recreational spaces popping up; this place looks set only to get better as time goes on.

Why Parktown Residence is a Worthy Investment

Why Parktown Residence is a Smart Choice for Your Money:

Investing in Parktown Residence makes a lot of sense, and here’s why. For starters, it sits right in Tampines North, which is seen as an area with lots of room to grow. This spot has big plans for new roads and facilities that are sure to make the place even better.

On top of its great spot, getting around from Parktown Residence couldn’t be easier. With the Tampines North MRT station just around the corner and major expressways nearby, you can zip across different parts of Singapore without any hassle.

But there’s more than just easy travel. The development itself mixes living spaces with shops and other commercial spots making everything you need close by. Plus, it comes packed with fancy features that make living there feel like a treat.

By putting your money into Parkown Residence now means joining in on all the excitement happening at Tampines North early on while also enjoying where it’s located along with all its perks.


Parktown Residence @ Tampines North 2024 is all about living it up in style while keeping things super convenient. It’s smack dab in a spot where getting to places you need or want to go is a breeze, thanks to its great location. This place isn’t just any ordinary home; it’s designed with the future in mind, focusing on being kind to our planet and offering different types of homes that suit what everyone wants. For families, having schools and fun spots nearby makes life here pretty exciting. And if you’re looking into making an investment, the way real estate is moving in Tampines North means Parktown Residence should definitely be on your radar. Dive into everything this place has got – from how you can pay for your new home to all the cool stuff waiting for you once you move in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Parktown Residence Unique?

Parktown Residence is special because it’s in a great spot, has a cool design, and focuses on being eco-friendly. With fancy perks, easy access to travel routes, and sitting right at the heart of Tampines North, this place draws people who want to live well but also care about the environment.

What Are the Financing Options Available?

When it comes to figuring out how to pay for things, folks looking into buying can ask about the direct developer price and check out different ways to finance their purchase. By filling in the contact form, you’ll get connected with a sales team ready to give you all the details on your payment options. On top of that, Parktown Residence offers a bunch of cool features that make investing there even more appealing.

What are the amenities available at Parktown Residence in Tampines North?

At Parktown Residence in Tampines North, residents get to enjoy a variety of amenities designed just for them. With recreational facilities like swimming pools and tennis courts, along with a clubhouse, there’s always something fun to do. The place is surrounded by luxurious green spaces and parks that make living here really pleasant. On top of all this comfort, it’s also close to schools and places where you can shop or work, making sure everyone has what they need right around the corner.

Written by Kevin J

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