Normanton Park Review: Mega Facilities & Prime Location


Normanton Park

Key Highlights

With a bunch of mega facilities, Normanton Park stands out as an appealing option for those seeking lots of amenities in their condo.

  1. Situated in the prime One-north area, Normanton Park offers easy access to stuff like shopping malls, restaurants, and schools.
  2. At Normanton Park, you can find different types of residential units such as studios, penthouses, and 1-5 bedroom apartments that suit various needs and tastes.
  3. For fun activities right at home. there are tennis courts,a basketball court,gym swimming pool,and more available at normaton park giving residents plenty to do without leaving the premises
  4. Normaton park has passed a quality mark assessment making sure it hits top marks in construction and design standards
  5. With its great location awesome facilities ,and room for growth,Normaton park is seen as a smart buy for investors


Let’s dive into what makes Normanton Park so special, focusing on its amazing facilities and top-notch location. This condo development is a gem in the One-north area, perfect for those who love living life with convenience and a touch of luxury.

Normanston Park isn’t just any condo; it’s one of Singapore’s biggest, housing 1,862 units! It’s packed with fun stuff to do—think tennis courts for the sporty types, a basketball court for game lovers, a gym for fitness enthusiasts, and even a swimming pool to cool off on hot days. No matter your hobby or way to relax after work or school hours are over you’ll find something here that suits you perfectly.

On top of all these great amenities at Normanton Park is its unbeatable location. For students or staff at the National University of Singapore (NUS), this place couldn’t be more convenient since it’s right nearby. Plus if you need anything else like schools around there other than NUS healthcare services when needed shopping sprees without going too far everything is within reach thanks being situated close by various essential spots.

Overview of Normanton Park

Normanton Park, located in the One-north area of Singapore, has a rich history as it sits on the former Normanton Park, originally established as a HUDC estate in 1977. This estate served as a housing development exclusively designated for the personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and their families. In 1993, it was privatized and in 2017, it hit a jackpot with a sale price of $830.1 million. Understanding the location analysis and history of the former Normanton Park is crucial in understanding the development and amenities of the current Normanton Park.

With its nine towers that house 1,840 residential units, Normanton Park doesn’t skimp on living options. Alongside these towers are 22 terrace houses and eight spots for businesses spread across an impressive space of 666,727 square feet. This setup gives everyone who lives there plenty of room and makes the place feel exclusive, showcasing the entire development’s grand scale and variety of unit types.

For those looking into making Normanton Park their home, there’s something for everyone – from studio apartments all the way up to penthouses. Whether you’re flying solo or have a family tagging along; they’ve thought about different layouts, including a floor plan, to make sure your living space is not just big but also smartly arranged so you can get the most out of every inch.

Historical Significance and Modern Transformation

Once a place where Singapore Armed Forces personnel lived, Normanton Park is an important part of Singapore’s building history. In 1993, it changed from being just for the military to a private area and in 2017, was sold for $830.1 million.

Nowadays, Normanton Park is known as a fancy living spot near One-north. Its past gives it special character that mixes well with its new features designed for today’s lifestyle. Being close to the National University of Singapore and other schools makes it perfect for students, teachers, and families wanting somewhere nice and handy to live in this mature estate. With easy access to a wide range of amenities and the historical significance of the area, Normanton Park offers a unique blend of old and new for its residents.

Architectural Highlights and Design Features

Normanton Park stands out because of its unique architecture and design elements, making it different from other places people live. With nine towers for living in, each one is made so everyone gets to see beautiful views and has lots of natural light coming in.

At Normanton Park, the way the residential blocks are set up makes sure that everyone has their own space without feeling crowded. This place also passed a quality mark assessment with flying colors. That means everything about how it’s built and designed is top-notch. So, folks who move here can be sure they’re getting a great spot that’s not only nice to look at but also well-made.

The cool architectural bits and thoughtful designs really add something special to Normantion Park. It’s why people looking for a new home that’s both stylish and comfy might find this place just right.

In-Depth Unit Analysis

In this part, we’re going to take a close look at the various kinds of units you can find in Normanton Park. We’ll check out their layouts and how well space is used. Whether it’s a cozy studio apartment or a big penthouse you’re after, Normanton Park has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the different unit types and see what special things each layout brings to the table.

Comparing Unit Types: From Studio to Penthouse

At Normanton Park, you’ll find a wide variety of unit types to fit different needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re on your own or have a family, there’s something for everyone.

  1. With studio apartments, they’re just right for single folks or couples who want a snug place to call home. These units are designed to make the most out of every square foot, giving you everything you need in one compact space.
  2. For those starting their career or living with their partner, 1-bedroom units hit the mark by offering both comfort and privacy. You get enough room to relax without losing that cozy feel and have your own bedroom away from the main living area.
  3. If it’s more space you’re after maybe because of kids or just wanting an extra room – 2-bedroom units at Normanton Park could be what you need. They come with plenty of room including an open-plan area for hanging out and dining plus two bedrooms so everyone gets their private corner.
  4. Families needing even more elbow room might look into 3-bedroom units which provide lots of flexibility whether it’s having guests over or setting up a home office in addition to providing ample personal spaces across three separate bedrooms.
  5. And then there are penthouse units for those aiming high – literally! Offering expansive multi-level layouts complete with large terraces and breathtaking views these top-tier homes bring luxury living right into your daily life at Normantown Park.

Each type is all about matching how much space feels good around them—from solo dwellers up through bigger families—all within this vibrant community known as Normanton Park where finding the perfect unit type means getting not just any old roof but creating real connections between people places things under one shared sky above our collective heads making sure no matter where we land inside its borders feels exactly like where we’re supposed to be: Home sweet (and perfectly sized) living area.

Space Optimization and Interior Design Trends

At Normanton Park, making the most out of every inch is key. They’ve put a lot of thought into how each home feels and flows. By planning the layout carefully, they ensure that there’s no wasted space and everything connects smoothly.

With an eye on current trends in interior design, one cool thing about Normanton Park is how they approach bedrooms used for more than just sleeping. These rooms are super versatile – you can turn them into your office, a place for guests to stay over or even an extra spot to hang out. It’s all about giving folks options to fit their lifestyle as it changes.

On top of that, when you step inside any unit at Normanton Park, you’ll notice it looks modern and sleek but also really welcoming. Thanks to smart choices in finishes and fixtures along with plenty of places to store your stuff away neatly; living here means getting a stylish yet practical space designed with comfort in mind.

Mega Facilities at Normanton Park

At Normanton Park, there’s a big selection of cool stuff to do that fits what everyone likes. Whether you’re into sports or just want to chill out, they’ve got you covered with all sorts of places for fun and taking it easy. Here are some highlights:

  1. Tennis courts: For those who love tennis, there are courts right where you live so you can play anytime and get better at your game.
  2. Basketball court: If basketball is more your thing, grab some friends for a game right in your own backyard. It’s great for making friends and staying fit.

With these lifestyle facilities at Normanton Park, living here means having lots of different activities to keep healthy and have fun.

Lifestyle Amenities for Every Resident

At Normanton Park, there’s a wide array of amenities designed to meet the varied interests and needs of its residents. Whether you’re into working out or just looking for some peace and quiet, this place has got you covered. Here are a couple of highlights:

  1. For those who love staying in shape, the gym at Normanton Park is decked out with all sorts of exercise gear. It means you can get your sweat on without even leaving home.
  2. If cooling off is more your style, the swimming pool provides a perfect spot to chillax. You can swim some laps or just kick back by the water’s edge amidst serene views.

With these facilities right at their doorstep, folks living in Normantown Park have everything they need for an enjoyable lifestyle right where they are.

Green Spaces and Family-Friendly Features

Normanton Park is all about giving folks a place where families can thrive surrounded by nature. It’s packed with green spots and things that make it great for both kids and grown-ups to spend time outside. Here’s what you’ll find at Normanton Park:

  1. Kent Ridge Park: Just a stone’s throw away, Kent Ridge Park is this peaceful spot perfect for family walks, picnics, or just some good old outdoor fun. It’s like a little oasis in the middle of city life where families can relax and get closer to nature.
  2. Playground: At Normanton Park, there’s also this cool playground made especially for kids. They can run around, play games, and make new friends in a safe space designed just for them.

With places like Kent Ridge park adding to its charm, Normantown park really stands out as an ideal spot for families looking to enjoy the best of both worlds – modern living alongside nature.

The Prime Location Advantage

Living at Normanton Park comes with a bunch of perks, thanks to its spot-on location in the One-north area. This place is all about making life easier and more convenient for everyone who calls it home. Here’s what you get from being here:

  1. Being close to MRT stations: With Normanton Park, getting around Singapore is a breeze because it’s near several MRT stations. For instance, the Kent Ridge MRT station on the Circle Line means you can zip over to the Central Business District and other important spots without any hassle.
  2. Easy access to what you need: Around Normanton Park, there’s no shortage of things like shopping malls, places to eat out, schools for learning stuff or healthcare centers if ever needed. It’s nestled within an active community that brings everything closer so living feels easy peasy.

So yeah, choosing Normanton Park as your home base gives you these cool benefits of staying well-connected while having pretty much whatever you might need right at your doorstep.

Connectivity and Transportation

At Normanton Park, getting around Singapore is a breeze thanks to its great location and transport links. With the nearest MRT station, Kent Ridge MRT Station, just a stone’s throw away, residents have easy access to public transportation. This means they can conveniently hop on the Circle Line quickly and get directly to important places like Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, and the Central Business District, including the bustling Holland Village, without any hassle.

For those who prefer driving over taking public transport, living at Normanton Park makes it even more convenient because major expressways like AYE and West Coast Highway are right nearby. So whether you’re using your car or catching a train from Kent Ridge Mrt Station or another nearby MRT station on the Circle Line for that matter – moving around is simple from here. Additionally, the condominium’s location in the prime area of Normanton Park allows for direct access to the bustling business district of Raffles Place, making it a desirable choice for professionals. All in all, Normanton Park stands out as an excellent choice for anyone looking for ease of travel combined with good connectivity options.

Nearby Educational Institutions and Healthcare Facilities

Living in Normanton Park means you’re right next to some top-notch schools and healthcare places. For starters, if you’re into studying or teaching, having the National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic just around the corner is pretty cool. It’s like this place was made for students and their teachers.

When it comes to staying healthy, there’s no need to worry either. With the National University Hospital so close by, everyone living here has easy access to all sorts of medical help they might need. So basically, choosing Normanton Park as your home gives you a sweet deal with both great education options and health services within reach.

Investment Potential and Market Analysis

Normanton Park stands out as a great choice for those looking to invest, thanks to its top-notch location and variety of amenities. With the development being situated in the One-north area, close to schools and healthcare centers, it’s easy to see why potential buyers might be drawn here.

When we talk about earning money through rent, Normanton Park shines again because of where it is and what it offers. This makes more people want to live there, which could mean more rental income. The current market conditions add even more appeal to this place as an investment option for buyers today, especially with the upcoming west side transformation and the TOP upswing in late 2023.

Rental Yield Prospects

Normanton Park is seen as a great spot for earning rental income, thanks to its top-notch location and lots of amenities. It’s placed right near all the important stuff like shops and fun places, which makes it really appealing to people looking for a place to live. Since it’s also close to the Central Business District and schools, both working folks and students might find it an ideal home.

In Singapore, where renting homes tends to be pretty steady business-wise, Normanton Park stands out as a smart choice for investors hoping to make good money from rent. With its prime location near Mapletree Business City and other major business hubs, this development is expected not just attract loads of interested tenants but also offer investors strong returns on their investments through rent.

Future Development Plans in the Area

The area surrounding Normanton Park is set to undergo exciting future development, particularly with the Greater Southern Waterfront project. This ambitious redevelopment plan aims to transform the southern coastline of Singapore into a vibrant and sustainable waterfront district.

The Greater Southern Waterfront will feature a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, creating a dynamic and integrated community. The development will include parks, promenades, and green spaces, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Moreover, Normanton Park itself has a favorable plot ratio of 2.1, which allows for a higher density development. This means that residents can expect a wide range of amenities and facilities within the development itself, further enhancing their quality of life.

Text table:

Project Name

Future Development Plans

Greater Southern Waterfront

Redevelopment of southern coastline into a vibrant waterfront district

Normanton Park

Higher density development with a favorable plot ratio 2.1

Community Life at Normanton Park

At Normanton Park, there’s a lively community vibe thanks to lots of clubs, events, and activities for the residents. With various groups to join within the development, people get to hang out and connect with others who share their interests. From fitness classes and sports competitions to social gatherings organized by these resident clubs, there’s always something going on that brings everyone closer together. It’s all about making new friends or diving into hobbies you love – Normanton Park has got it covered when it comes to enjoying a rich community life.

Resident Clubs and Groups

At Normanton Park, there’s a club for everyone, no matter what you’re into. From fitness buffs to arts and crafts enthusiasts or those with a green thumb in gardening, these clubs are all about bringing people together. With regular events and workshops on offer, joining one of these groups is the perfect way to dive into new hobbies and maybe learn something cool along the way. It’s not just about having fun; it’s also a chance to meet folks who share your interests right within your own community. This makes it easier to make friends and feel more connected where you live.

Events and Activities

At Normanton Park, there’s always something exciting going on to bring everyone together and keep the place buzzing. Throughout the year, they put on a bunch of different events and activities. Whether it’s celebrating holidays or getting competitive in sports tournaments, you won’t find yourself bored here. For those who enjoy staying active or trying out new hobbies, there are fitness classes, cooking shows to watch and learn from, and even art workshops where you can get your creative juices flowing. These gatherings do more than just entertain; they help build a tight-knit community where people feel like they belong. So if you’re looking to meet new friends, pick up a new skill or just have some fun times with others around your age group – Normanton Park has got it all planned out for its residents.

Pros and Cons of Living in Normanton Park

Living at Normanton Park comes with a bunch of perks, like being close to big facilities, sitting in a key spot, and having an active community around. This place has lots of amenities that make life easier and more fun for the people who live there. With its great location near important places and fun spots, getting what you need or finding something entertaining to do is simple. But it’s also smart to think about things like maintenance fees and the sale license that come with living here. On top of this, because there are so many people in one project, it might mean your personal space feels a bit tighter and could get pretty busy.

What Residents Love

People living in Normanton Park really like the amazing views of the sea they get to see from their homes. With higher floors, these views become even more special and make people feel like they’re in a place just for them. On top of that, everyone enjoys using all the cool stuff there is to do around here, like swimming pools, tennis courts, and gyms. These things help everyone stay active and happy with how they spend their time. Residents also love the fact that they can enjoy a beautiful sea view from their homes, whether it’s from the lower floors with a view of Kent Ridge Park or the higher floors with a stunning sea view. In short, folks are pretty happy about having such beautiful scenery around them while also getting access to great lifestyle facilities at Normanton Park which makes it an awesome community to be part of.

Considerations for Potential Buyers

Before deciding to buy a place in Normanton Park, there are some things folks should think about. First off, it’s good to know about the maintenance fees you’ll have to pay every month. Make sure these costs fit your budget and what you’re expecting.

On top of that, there’s something called a sale license that affects Normanton Park. The company making this place, Kingsford Huray, has got to pass something known as the Quality Mark assessment for all its homes before they can get their temporary occupation permit. This is great because it means everything’s built well and meets a high standard, as required by the sale licence condition imposed by URA. However, potential buyers should be aware that this may cause some delays in the completion and readiness of the development for move-in.

Keeping these points in mind will help potential buyers figure out if Normanton Park is where they want their next home to be.

Developer’s Reputation and Track Record

Kingsford Huray Development, the folks behind Normanton Park, are pretty well-known in their field. They’ve wrapped up a bunch of projects before that got them some awards and nods from the industry, including their previous development, Kingsford Waterbay. For instance, Kingsford Waterbay really stood out and snagged awards for Best Development and Best Executive Condo. This shows how much they focus on quality and creating places people love to live in. With all this experience under their belt, anyone looking into Normanton Park can feel good about what they’re getting into because these developers know how to deliver top-notch work.

Past Projects and Industry Awards

Kingsford Huray Development, the company behind Normanton Park, has a history of creating projects that stand out and win awards, including their prior developments, Kingsford Hillview Peak and Kingsford Waterbay. Kingsford Hillview Peak was praised for its design and overall excellence, while Kingsford Waterbay was recognized for its location and unique concept of living by the water. Despite facing some challenges with their prior projects, Kingsford Huray has shown their dedication to delivering quality and fresh ideas in their buildings. This solid reputation assures future buyers of Normanton Park about getting something well-made and thoughtfully designed.

Customer Service and After-Sales Support

Kingsford Huray Development has a solid reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to helping homeowners. They really showed their dedication to making customers happy with their work on Kingsford Waterbay, where the people living there had lots of good things to say. From the start of buying a home all the way through, they make sure any questions or problems are taken care of quickly. With everything from answering questions, fixing issues, to keeping up with maintenance, Kingsford Huray is all about providing top-notch service. Their hard work in ensuring customer happiness shows how much they value building lasting connections with homeowners and making life at Normanton Park better for everyone.


To wrap it up, Normanton Park really shines because of how it mixes its rich history with all the modern comforts you could want. This makes it a top spot for folks who are after a life that’s both easy and fancy. The way the buildings look and the green areas around make living there feel like being part of a community, plus there’s loads of big facilities for everyone to enjoy. It’s also seen as a smart investment thanks to its solid reputation and the company behind it having a good track record. Whether you’re thinking about how much space you’ll get, if it’s good for families or just wanting an active neighborhood vibe, Normanton Park is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to get yourself into something that offers both relaxation and handy perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the maintenance fees like at Normanton Park?

At Normanton Park, how much you pay for maintenance fees really depends on what kind of home you have and its size. If you’re thinking about buying there, it’s important to remember that every month, there will be a cost for the service charge. This fee is all about keeping the place looking good and making sure all the facilities are running smoothly. For those who want more specifics on these costs, getting in touch with either the developer or someone from property management would be a smart move.

How does Normanton Park compare with nearby developments?

Normanton Park stands out from nearby places like Rochester Residences because it has a lot of cool stuff for people to do, is in a great spot, and has a lively community. It’s not just about the fun amenities; living here could also be a smart money move since the value of your home might go up over time. With Normanton Park, you’re getting an awesome place to live and possibly making a good investment too.

Are there any exclusive facilities for residents?

At Normanton Park, folks living there get to enjoy some pretty cool perks. With a gym that’s just for them, tennis courts to play on, and all sorts of lifestyle facilities, it’s like having your own little paradise. On top of that, people who live there get special treatment with things like getting first dibs on booking these places and being invited to exclusive events. All these benefits really make life at Normanton Park something special.

Are there any transportation options near Normanton Park for easy access to other parts of the city?

Normanton Park makes getting around the city a breeze for its residents. With the Kent Ridge MRT station just a short walk away, hopping on the Circle Line is super easy. On top of that, there are plenty of bus stops close by, making it simple to explore other areas of the city.

Written by Kevin J

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