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Must-See New Condo Launches in 2024

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Key Highlights

  1. Explore the most anticipated new condo launches in 2024 for modern living spaces.
  2. Discover luxurious amenities and facilities offered by the latest condominium developments.
  3. Learn about the prime locations of these new condo projects, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  4. Uncover the innovative designs and architectural features that set these developments apart.
  5. Find out about exclusive pre-launch offers and investment opportunities in the real estate market.


In 2024, the real estate scene is looking up with some cool new condo projects on the horizon. These places are all about fancy living, mixing in modern comforts and green features. We’re talking city retreats and stunning designs that aim to change how we think about living today. This guide will take you through the best of these upcoming condos that are sure to grab the attention of both folks looking to buy a home and potential homeowners and investors this next year. Get ready to check out what’s next in homes for 2024.

Top New Condo Launches to Watch Out for in 2024

Project Location District Units Unit Types Key Features
Lumina Grand (EC) Bukit Batok West Ave 5 23 512 3 to 5-bedroom First EC launch of 2024, Near Tengah New Town
Hillhaven Hillview Rise 23 341 2 to 4-bedroom Near Hillview MRT station
The Arcady 2 Saint Barnabas Lane 12 172 1 to 5-bedroom, penthouses Freehold
The Hill @ One North Slim Barracks Rise 5 N/A N/A Located in One-North area
The Hillshore 292 Pasir Panjang Road 5 59 N/A Freehold, Near Haw Par Villa MRT
Sora 91 Yuan Ching Road 22 N/A N/A 99-year leasehold
Newport Residences 80 Anson Road 2 N/A N/A Freehold, Prime location
Marina View Residences Marina View 1 N/A N/A 99-year leasehold, Prime location
One Sophia Sophia Road 9 N/A N/A 99-year leasehold, City fringe
Enchante 3 Evelyn Road 11 25 N/A Freehold, Near Newton MRT

Exploring the Investment Potential of 2024’s New Condos

In 2024, we’re going to see some really cool new condo projects popping up, like Lumina Grand and Tembusu Grand. These places are right next to MRT stations such as Buona Vista and Buona Batok, which is great because it means the area’s property values might go up. With prices that give us a hint of what to expect and lots of spots nearby for fun or shopping, these condos look like they could be a smart choice if you’re thinking about investing in real estate. For folks looking at top-notch properties where everything you need is just around the corner, these new units coming out in 2024, including executive condos, offer a chance to make some good money down the line.

Why These Condos Are Worth Watching

Located in popular spots like Grand Dunman and Marina Bay, these new condo launches are not just places to live; they’re stepping into a luxurious future. With MRT stations and cool places like Star Vista nearby, living here means you get both comfort and style. The buildings aren’t just nice to look at; they’re designed with the planet in mind too, setting new standards for city homes. If you’re thinking about buying a home or investing, keep an eye on their prices because these residential units have lots of potential to grow in value, especially with the convenience of having two MRT stations within walking distance.

Navigating the Market: Tips for Prospective Buyers

When looking into new condo projects launching in 2024, buyers should keep an eye on a few important things. First off, it’s smart to look at how property values have been changing and think about if they’re likely to go up. Being close to MRT stations can make life easier and might also help the condo’s value grow. It’s good to know what upcoming projects are planned nearby because these can really improve the area and make living there better, especially if your property is reaching the end of its minimum occupation period.

With all this info, you’ll want to dive deeper into what kind of future developments could pop up around there and what sort of lifestyle you’d get by moving in. By comparing indicative prices and how much space costs per square foot (PSF), you can figure out if buying there fits your budget.

Talking with experts in real estate is super helpful too; they know all about market trends which helps a lot when trying to work out deals or understand pricing better. Looking into different ways to pay for your new home, like checking out various home loan rates, ensures that when you decide, it’s based on solid knowledge and there is an easy way to do so – by sending us a request for a credible and trusted property consultant to reach out to you.

Thinking ahead about how much money the condo might be worth later down the line is key for making sure it’s a good investment move. On top of everything else, don’t forget about checking out all the cool stuff like amenities that come with living in one of these condos – things like pools or gyms that add so much fun and comfort.

The Luxurious Amenities That Set These Condos Apart

In 2024, these brand-new condo launches are set to offer unmatched comfort and convenience. At Lumina Grand, you’ll find lavish features while Tembusu Grand brings sophisticated amenities to the table. Each place is designed with a mix of luxury that’s also practical for everyday living. Right at your doorstep, there will be advanced technology making life smoother and more futuristic than ever before. Whether it’s enjoying the luxurious Lakegarden Residences or appreciating the handy location of Grand Dunman, these condos are all about giving you an upscale lifestyle like no other. Step into a world where plush facilities completely change what modern living looks like.

Unparalleled Comforts and Conveniences

Step into 2024 and find yourself in a place where fancy living meets everyday needs with the latest condo openings. Places like Lumina Grand and Grand Dunman are just around the corner from all sorts of handy spots. For those who love being near everything, you’ll appreciate how close these condos are to MRT stations such as Buona Vista, making it super easy to zip around town. Plus, places like Star Vista are nearby for when you want to hang out or shop.

For your day-to-day stuff, Lakegarden Residences and Tembusu Grand have got you covered with essentials like NTUC FairPrice for groceries and local coffee shops perfect for morning pick-me-ups—all within a stone’s throw away. These new homes, including the recently launched Lakegarden Residences, aren’t just about looking good; they’re about making life easier and more enjoyable for people looking to buy their dream home.

Cutting-Edge Technological Integrations

Step into the future with the newest condo openings that are all about advanced technology. With things like smart home systems and perfect internet connection, these places are changing what it means to live in style today. Think about being able to manage your house just by touching a button or speaking a command – it makes life so much easier and efficient. By staying linked up through top-notch security and ways to talk to others in your area, you’re always in the loop. Dive into features that don’t only bring your living space up-to-date but also make it super smart, creating a whole new level of fancy living. These condos really show off how tech can blend beautifully with luxury.

Sustainable Living Features in New Condos

In the new condos coming up in 2024, there’s a big push towards living in a way that’s good for our planet. With eco-friendly designs at their heart, these places are all about helping people live greener lives. By bringing in top-notch tech, they’re cutting down on carbon emissions and making things more energy-efficient. For instance, with solar panels on the roof and systems to collect rainwater, these condos are doing their bit for environmental conservation while still giving folks a fancy place to call home. Living here means getting to enjoy perks that do right by nature and play a part in creating a healthier community vibe—something lots of us are starting to care more about.

Eco-Friendly Designs and Innovations

In 2024, there’s going to be some really cool new condos coming out that are all about being kind to the planet. They’re using stuff that’s good for the earth and making sure everything in them doesn’t waste energy. With things like top-notch recycling setups, lots of greenery around, and ways to use less water built right in, living there means you’re doing your bit for the environment too. The people building these places are really working hard to make sure they don’t add much bad stuff into the air while also giving everyone a nice and green place to live. By sticking with all these eco-friendly ideas, these condos are showing us how we can all live in a way that’s better for our world.

Promoting a Greener Lifestyle for Residents

The new condo launches coming up in 2024 are all about bringing eco-friendly designs and smart practices into play. They aim to make life greener for everyone living there. It’s not just a passing trend; it’s their promise to lessen the harm we do to our planet while making sure people have a better quality of life. With things like systems that save energy and lots of green areas right where you live, folks are nudged towards living more sustainably. By weaving nature through city settings, these condos create a perfect mix of today’s comforts with care for the environment.

The Architectural Wonders Behind 2024’s Launches

Lumina Grand, Tembusu Grand, and Grand Dunman are some examples of buildings designed by top-notch architects. They mix good looks with practicality really well, giving people a great place to live. Each building has its own special thing going on, from Buona Vista to Bukit Timah, introducing fresh ideas that change the game in city living. With new projects on the horizon in hot spots like Marina Bay, Shenton Way, and the National University of Singapore, we’re looking at a 2024 where luxury and class in houses reach new heights.

Visionary Designers and Their Masterpieces

In 2024, some really cool new condos like Lumina Grand, Grand Dunman, and Tembusu Grand are going to be ready. The people who designed these places have come up with amazing ideas that make living there feel both fancy and practical at the same time. These condos aren’t just in any spots; they’re in special places from Bukit Timah all the way to Marina Bay. Each spot has its own unique charm and makes it easy for folks living there to get to fun spots and important stuff like shops or parks nearby. With these upcoming projects, you can tell that a lot of thought went into making sure they meet what home buyers today are looking for while also being right in the middle of where everyone wants to live because of how great the location is.

Blending Aesthetics with Functionality

In 2024, the new condo launches are all about mixing good looks with usefulness. With these properties, you get beautiful design and handy features that make living there a breeze. The outside of these condos is modern and sleek, while inside, everything’s arranged just right to not only catch your eye but also make everyday life better. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to combine style with practicality in a way that really works for people who care about both. These condos offer a lifestyle where every space is designed beautifully yet remains totally functional for your comfort and happiness.


As everyone gets more and more excited about the new condo openings in 2024, the real estate scene is getting ready to show off a bunch of choices for people looking to buy homes. These upcoming projects are all about cool designs, fancy comforts, and being kind to the environment. They’re planning to change what city life looks like in Singapore by mixing up-to-date styles with green spaces and old-school charm with classy features. Keep an eye out for these developments that want to bring something fresh and top-notch into where we live.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes These 2024 Condo Launches Stand Out?

In 2024, Singapore anticipates the introduction of several new condominium projects, each boasting distinctive characteristics and strategic benefits that distinguish them from the rest. These upcoming developments aim to redefine luxury living and cater to various market segments. Let’s delve into what makes these 2024 condo launches stand out:

Lumina Grand (EC)

  • Location: Bukit Batok West Ave 5, District 23
  • Units: 510 units in 10 blocks
  • Unit Types: Three to five-bedroom units
  • Key Features:
  • Proximity to Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District
  • First Executive Condominium (EC) launch of the year
  • Attractive starting price of S$1.34 million, appealing to a specific market segment


  • Location: Hillview Rise, District 23
  • Units: 341 units
  • Unit Types: Two to four-bedroom units
  • Key Features:
  • Close to Hillview MRT station, ensuring excellent connectivity
  • Positioned at a premium with prices averaging around S$2,000 psf
  • Competitive pricing compared to other new 99-year leasehold properties in the Outside Central Region (OCR)

The Arcady @ Boon Keng

  • Location: Serangoon Road, District 12
  • Units: 172 units
  • Unit Types: One to five-bedroom units and two penthouses
  • Key Features:
  • Rare freehold development in the current market landscape
  • Proximity to renowned schools like St. Andrews Junior School, Hong Wen School, and Bendemeer Primary School
  • High rental demand, with rents escalating over 40% from 2020 to 2023

The Hillshore

  • Location: Pasir Panjang Road, District 5
  • Units: 59 units in two 5-storey blocks
  • Key Features:
  • Close to Haw Par Villa MRT station
  • Freehold redevelopment, offering long-term value
  • Intimate living environment in a small, exclusive development

Ardor Residence

  • Location: Haig Road, District 15
  • Units: 35 units
  • Unit Types: Two to four-bedroom units
  • Key Features:
  • Proximity to amenities like Parkway Parade and PLQ Mall
  • Comprehensive facilities including a swimming pool, function room, gym, BBQ pavilion, and playground
  • Freehold status appealing to long-term investors


  • Location: Lentor Hills Road, District 26
  • Units: 267 units
  • Key Features:
  • Nestled in a private residential enclave
  • Convenient access to Lentor MRT station
  • Part of URA’s larger transformation plan incorporating new parks and enhanced connectivity

Lentor Mansion

  • Location: Lentor Hills Road
  • Key Features:
  • Elegant black & white colonial design aesthetic
  • Extensive amenities including a 50m lap pool, jacuzzi, sky terrace with gourmet pavilion, and sky-linked bridge
  • Proximity to Lentor MRT station, major expressways, schools, and amenities ideal for families

In summary, these anticipated condo launches of 2024 in Singapore offer a diverse array of options with unique features tailored to different market segments. Whether you seek luxury living, strategic locations, family-centric amenities, or long-term investment appeal, these developments present compelling reasons to consider them for your next property venture.

What Should Buyers Look for in Sustainable Condo Features?

When looking to invest in a sustainable condominium, it is crucial to consider various features and certifications that indicate the property’s commitment to environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Here is a detailed guide to assist buyers in identifying these essential aspects:

1. Certifications and Awards

  1. BCA Green Mark Award: This certification from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore serves as a trustworthy indicator of a building’s environmental performance. Condos with this award showcase features like energy-efficient fittings and structures designed to minimize energy consumption.

2. Energy Efficiency

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances: Opt for condos equipped with Energy Star-rated appliances, ensuring reduced energy usage without compromising performance.
  2. LED Lighting: Choose condos with LED lights for higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of bulb replacements.
  3. High-Performance Windows: Look for windows that minimize heat transfer, reducing the need for constant heating or cooling and thereby lowering energy consumption.

3. Renewable Energy

  1. Solar Panels: Prioritize condos incorporating solar panels to generate clean energy, diminishing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon emissions.
  2. Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Select properties with rainwater harvesting systems that collect and store rainwater for non-potable uses like irrigation, aiding in water conservation.

4. Sustainable Design and Materials

  1. Green Architecture: Sustainable condos often feature designs that maximize natural light and ventilation, reducing the dependency on artificial lighting and air conditioning.
  2. Eco-Friendly Construction Materials: Check if the condo uses recycled or reclaimed materials, low VOC paints, and sustainably sourced wood to minimize environmental impact.

5. Water Conservation

  1. Low-Flow Fixtures: Look for fixtures like low-flow faucets, showerheads, and dual-flush toilets that reduce water usage without compromising functionality.
  2. Water-Efficient Landscaping: Consider properties with drought-resistant plants and efficient irrigation systems to conserve water effectively.

6. Smart Home Technology

  1. Smart Thermostats and Lighting: Opt for technologies that optimize energy use, ensuring efficient heating, cooling, and lighting within the condo.
  2. Home Automation Systems: Choose systems that enable remote control of energy consumption to further enhance the condo’s sustainability.

7. Waste Management

  1. Recycling Programs: Seek condos with on-site recycling facilities to encourage waste reduction practices among residents.
  2. Composting Facilities: Prioritize properties with composting facilities for organic waste, promoting nutrient-rich soil for gardening and landscaping.

8. Location and Walkability

  1. Proximity to Public Transport: Select a condo close to public transportation hubs to reduce reliance on private vehicles.
  2. Walkability: Choose a location that facilitates walking or biking to work and amenities, significantly reducing carbon footprint.

9. Community and Lifestyle

  1. Green Spaces: Look for condos with green spaces like rooftop gardens and nearby parks to enhance living environments and promote biodiversity.
  2. Community Initiatives: Opt for properties supporting sustainable living practices such as car-sharing programs and community gardens.

By considering these features, buyers can ensure that their new sustainable condo not only offers a comfortable living space but also contributes towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Are There Any Unique Amenities in These New Launches?

In these new places, you’ll find some really cool stuff that’s not common everywhere. Think about hanging out in rooftop gardens or taking a dip in infinity pools. There are also fancy gadgets to make your home smarter and wellness centers where you can take care of yourself. All of this is designed to make life more luxurious and convenient for you. Imagine living somewhere that’s both super comfy and classy at the same time – that’s what these amazing homes offer.

Written by Kevin J

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