Unbiased Insights & Analysis: Amber Sea Review

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Key Highlights

  1. At 30 Amber Gardens, right in the heart of Singapore’s East Coast/Marine Parade area, you’ll find Amber Sea, a freehold residential project that everyone’s looking forward to.
  2. The Far East Organization, known as one of the leading developers locally, is behind this luxury living space. They’ve packed it with unique features and cutting-edge design.
  3. This development boasts a single building that rises 19 stories high and houses 132 units. These range from cozy one-bedroom apartments to spacious four-bedrooms, not forgetting the luxurious penthouses and ground floor duplexes.
  4. With an eye on sustainability and architectural brilliance, Amber Sea aims to offer its residents more than just a place to live; it’s about giving them an all-rounded excellent lifestyle focused on green living too.
  5. For those who love indulging in luxury amenities or enjoy community activities now and then will find everything they need here for comfortable living surrounded by friends or family.
  6. Thanks to its prime spot in the Marine Parade/East Coast area, getting from Amber Sea to sandy beaches nearby parks shopping centers schools even major business hubs is easy peasy.


Amber Sea, nestled at 30 Amber Gardens and tucked between the Joo Chiat/Katong and Marine Parade areas in Singapore, is a much-awaited freehold residential condominium project. It’s brought to life by Far East Organization, recognized as one of the leading local developers. This development promises its residents an opulent lifestyle with everything they need right on their doorstep.

With a towering single block that reaches up to 19 stories, Amber Sea houses a total of 132 units. These range from cozy one-bedroom apartments to spacious four-bedroom ones, not forgetting the luxurious penthouses and unique ground floor duplexes. Every unit boasts cleverly utilized space and contemporary fittings for both comfort and style, with an average floor area of 1,000 square feet.

At its core, Amber Sea aims to foster sustainable living within a green oasis that enhances community ties while ensuring personal well-being. The architecture shines through its innovative design focused on blending private spaces seamlessly with communal areas where neighbors can come together.

For those calling it home, there are plenty of high-end amenities aimed at relaxation like swimming pools fitness centers,and beautifully landscaped gardens alongside facilities designed for community gatherings which encourage interaction among residents

Situated in the vibrant East Coast/Marine Parade locale,Amber sea ensures easy access to beaches,parks shopping hubs,schools,and key business districts offering an ideal mix of serene yet sophisticated urban living

Exploring Amber Sea: A Comprehensive Overview

Amber Sea, a much-awaited upcoming freehold residential project, is nestled at 30 Amber Gardens in the vibrant East Coast/Marine Parade area of Singapore. It’s brought to life by Far East Organization, recognized as one of the leading local developers. This development stands out with its unique features and smart design, offering residents a lavish lifestyle. At its heart is a single 19-storey building that houses 132 units. These include options from cozy one-bedroom apartments to spacious four-bedroom ones, along with penthouses and duplex units on the ground floor. Thanks to its prime spot, living at Amber Sea means you’re just steps away from beautiful beaches, lush parks, bustling shopping centers, schools, and key business areas.

The Vision Behind Amber Sea

Amber Sea is all about giving people a fancy yet eco-friendly place to live. It’s made with the idea of mixing private living areas and shared spaces perfectly, so everyone feels like they’re part of a big family while still having their own space.

From the get-go, Amber Sea was planned to be more than just homes; it’s a spot where folks can find everything they need for their daily lives. The whole point is to build an active and welcoming neighborhood where life is easy and enjoyable.

By focusing on being kind to our planet, Amber Sea aims for sustainability. This means homes that don’t use up too much energy and lots of greenery around for everyone to unwind in nature.

In short, Amber Sea wants to be this ideal mix of luxury living but in a way that’s good for Earth and makes people feel connected.

Key Features That Set Amber Sea Apart

Amber Sea stands out in Singapore with its unique offerings for those looking for a place to call home. Here’s what makes Amber Sea special:

  1. Luxury Living: At Amber Sea, you get to live in style. The apartments are beautifully designed, come with top-notch finishes, and have all the fancy facilities you could want.
  2. Innovative Design: With clever use of space and modern touches everywhere, the design at Amber Sea is something that really catches your eye.
  3. Community-Oriented: It’s not just about nice apartments here; it’s also about bringing people together. With lots of spaces for community activities and fun gatherings, living here means being part of a vibrant community.
  4. Sustainable Living: For those who care about the planet, Amber Sea encourages a green lifestyle with eco-friendly features and lovely green areas.

All these aspects combine to make Amber Sea an exceptional choice for anyone seeking luxury combined with innovation, community spirit, and sustainability in their living space.

Delving into the Details: Amber Sea’s Unique Selling Propositions

Amber Sea stands out from other places to live in Singapore because it does things a bit differently. For starters, the way it’s built and designed is really top-notch, with cool features that make life better for everyone living there. They’ve thought about everything – how to use space cleverly, putting in modern touches everywhere you look, and making sure green living is a big part of the place. Amber Sea isn’t just fancy; it’s also in a great spot where people can enjoy luxury stuff and feel like they’re part of a community. So basically, if you’re looking for somewhere special to call home, Amber Sea has got what you need.

Architectural Excellence and Design Innovations

Amber Sea is famous for its outstanding architecture and creative designs. This place gives a nod to the old villas and bungalows that once dotted the coastline near Katong and Amber/Meyer Road areas. With gardens full of rich landscapes, cozy courtyards, walls made of terracotta bricks, and planters set in tiers, it offers layers upon layers of both community spots and private nooks amidst beautiful gardens filled with lush greenery.

The way Amber Sea is designed brings back the feel of an old kampung through balconies on each unit or “Modern Verandas,” which really pop as a feature in its design. It’s all about finding the right mix between being alone, hanging out with others, and feeling part of a larger community here.

Thanks to its architectural brilliance and innovative design choices, Amber Sea provides an exceptional living space that’s not just easy on the eyes but also practical. Residents get to enjoy luxury along with comfort every day.

Sustainability and Green Living at Amber Sea

Amber Sea is all about living green and being kind to our planet. They’ve made sure everything from the ground up is good for the environment, using stuff that doesn’t hurt the earth and saving energy wherever they can.

With Amber Sea, you get beautiful gardens and open spaces that make it a calm place to live. Plus, they have cool features like systems to collect rainwater, lights that don’t use a lot of power, and places where you can recycle easily.

By focusing on eco-friendly ways of living, Amber Sea hopes to lessen its environmental impact while helping everyone who lives there do their bit for the planet too.

In short, what makes Amber Sea stand out isn’t just its fancy homes but also how it encourages a lifestyle that’s better for our world.

Amber Sea’s Lifestyle and Amenities

At Amber Sea, folks have access to a variety of amenities that make life both comfy and fun. With luxury features for easy living and spaces designed for people to get together, there’s something for everyone. From taking a dip in the refreshing lap pool, working out at the fitness center, enjoying BBQs with friends or family, to relaxing in beautifully landscaped gardens – it’s all here. On top of that, with places like the clubhouse, function room and playground available; residents get plenty of chances to meet up and enjoy being part of an active community. Amber Sea truly blends luxurious living with a sense of belonging among its residents.

Luxury Amenities for Comfortable Living

At Amber Sea, folks can live it up with all the fancy comforts that make life both easy and plush. There’s a swimming pool for cooling off on hot days, a fitness center to keep in shape without leaving home, and BBQ pits for fun cookouts. The gardens are like a quiet little escape from the world outside, perfect for some peace and quiet. For those who love getting together with friends or hosting events, there’s also a clubhouse and function room ready to use. On top of all this, finding parking is never an issue thanks to plenty of spaces available. In short, living at Amber Sea means having everything you need right where you are.

Community and Recreational Facilities

At Amber Sea, the focus is really on building a strong sense of community. They’ve got all sorts of fun stuff for everyone to enjoy. There’s a clubhouse and function room where people can gather for parties, events, or just hang out together. For kids, there’s a playground where they can play and make friends with other kids living there. The place also has these beautiful landscaped gardens that are perfect for anyone looking to have some quiet time in nature. On top of that, Amber Sea offers BBQ pits which are great for outdoor meals and getting to know your neighbors better. All these facilities help create a friendly atmosphere where residents feel like they belong and can easily connect with each other in this lively community setting.

The Residences: Types and Layouts

At Amber Sea, you’ll find a bunch of different homes to match what people want and need in their lives. From small studio apartments to big penthouses, there’s something for everyone. Every home is smartly planned out with cool modern touches that make living there comfy and stylish. The way these places are set up makes the most out of every inch, giving you lots of room to store your stuff. With all these choices in types and designs of homes, Amber Sea really does have the perfect spot for anyone looking for a new place to live.

From Cozy Studios to Expansive Penthouses

At Amber Sea, you’ll find a bunch of different homes to choose from. They’ve got everything from small studios that are just right for one or two people who want something easy to take care of, all the way up to big penthouses with lots of rooms and fancy stuff. The cool thing is, every place in Amber Sea makes the most out of the space it has. This means you get a home that’s not only comfy but also looks great and works well for your life. So no matter what kind of living situation you’re after, chances are Amber Sea has something that will fit your needs perfectly.

Innovative Use of Space and Modern Fixtures

Amber Sea stands out because of its clever way to use space and the modern touches it adds, making homes that don’t just look good but are also easy to live in. With smart design tricks, they make sure every bit of space is used well, giving people plenty of room to store their things. In each home, you’ll find up-to-date fixtures and fittings that add a touch of style while keeping everything comfortable. The thoughtful combination at Amber Sea means living there isn’t just about having a place that catches your eye; it’s also about practicality and making daily life easier.

Location and Connectivity: The Amber Sea Advantage

Amber Sea, located in the Marine Parade area along the East Coast, is perfectly placed for folks who love having everything close by. It’s just a short walk away from East Coast Park and the beautiful Amber Sea location within District 15. This means you can easily head over to enjoy the beach or various outdoor activities whenever you feel like it. For those needing to zip around Singapore, Amber Sea is really handy because major roads and public transport options are nearby. You won’t have any trouble getting to places like the Central Business District or Changi Airport quickly. Plus, with shopping malls, schools, and plenty of places to eat all around you’ll find living here super convenient.

Strategic Positioning for Easy Access

Amber Sea, nestled in the Marine Parade area, makes getting around Singapore a breeze for its residents. It sits snugly between Joo Chiat/Katong and Marine Parade, linking people easily to big business areas and cool spots to hang out. With the Tanjong Katong MRT station just a short 5-minute stroll away and the upcoming Marine Parade Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, folks living here will have easy access to major areas of Singapore. For those who drive, being close to major roads like the East Coast Parkway (ECP) means you can get to places like the Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, and other parts of Singapore without any hassle.

Nearby Attractions and Lifestyle Destinations

Living at Amber Sea puts you right in the middle of lots of fun places and spots to hang out. It’s just a quick walk to East Coast Park, where you can have fun with beach activities, try different water sports, or enjoy long walks by the sea. Around the area, there are cool neighborhoods like Katong and Joo Chiat that are full of history about Peranakan culture. They’ve got these neat old houses called shophouses and loads of places to eat, including trendy hipster cafes and microbreweries like the German Brotzeit, Filipino Kusina de Pinoy, and Indonesian Kartika. If shopping is your thing, malls like Katong V, i12 Katong, and Parkway Parade are nearby with all sorts of shops and food choices plus things to do for entertainment. On top of that,the soon-to-be-opened Tanjong Katong MRT station will make it super easy to get around Singapore and check out other cool spots.

Investment Potential: Analyzing Market Trends

Putting your money into Amber Sea looks like a smart move, considering the market’s current trends and the chance for good returns. This place is in Marine Parade, a spot that everyone wants to be because it’s always in demand and offers a great lifestyle. Since Amber Sea has freehold status and is easy to get to, it stands out as an excellent investment option within Singapore’s real estate scene. With cool places nearby to visit, lots of facilities around, and no trouble getting there, both investors looking for profits and people wanting a new home find Amber Sea appealing. The East Coast area keeps growing and improving all the time which adds even more value to investing in Amber Sea; this makes it look really promising if you’re thinking about where to put your money for long-term gains.

Current Market Insights for Amber Sea

Amber Sea is turning heads in the market, showing why it’s a smart choice for investors. Looking at Amber Park next door, which saw more than 105 homes snapped up on the first day alone, it’s clear people really want to live around here. In the East Coast area where you can find Amber Sea, prices have been going up steadily. This tells us that folks are keen on this spot. Thanks to its forever ownership deal and being close to important places like shops and schools, things are looking good for Amber Sea’s future in the market. For those putting their money into it, there’s a solid chance of seeing their investment grow over time and earning from renting out their place too. And if you’re thinking about making one of these spots your home sweet home? You’re looking at top-notch living in one of the best parts of town.

Future Prospects and Growth Potential

Amber Sea is looking at a bright future, with lots of growth opportunities for both people living there and investors. In the East Coast area, places like Marine Parade and Katong are getting even nicer because they’re being upgraded and more varied types of businesses and folks are moving in. With new things happening at East Coast Park making it an even better spot to hang out, the whole area’s becoming more attractive. Being close to big business areas helps Amber Sea stand out as a place that will likely see more development down the line. The demand for homes in Marine Parade is strong, especially with the presence of top schools such as Tanjong Katong Primary School, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, and Tanjong Katong High School. This makes Amber Sea an ideal location for families with young children who are looking for a home near reputable primary schools. Plus, having Far East Organization behind it all – known for their solid reputation – just makes Amber Sea’s future look even brighter.

Developer’s Legacy and Reputation

Far East Organization, the company behind Amber Sea, is well-known and respected in Singapore’s real estate scene. As the largest private property developer in Singapore, Far East has successfully completed more than 780 projects and built over 55,000 units. They’re known for making top-notch places that cater to what people living there want and need. Far East Organization isn’t just about building; they also care deeply about communities and giving back through various initiatives. This shows their commitment to not only constructing buildings but also ensuring those spaces are good for everyone involved.

A Look into the Developer’s Portfolio

Far East Organization has a lot of experience in creating different kinds of buildings and places in Singapore. They’ve built homes, shops, offices, factories, hospitals, and hotels. Some well-known projects they’ve done are Silversea, The Seawind, The Cape, and Shore Residences. Besides making houses and apartments, they also run places like Village Hotel Katong. Far East Organization knows how to make real estate that fits what people want or need in their lives. People looking to buy a home or invest can trust the quality Far East delivers with projects like Amber Sea because they have a strong history of doing great work.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Far East Organization is well-known for its focus on quality and excellence in everything it does. This company has won a lot of awards, including 11 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence awards, which are the top honors you can get in real estate all over the world. By winning these awards, Far East Organization shows that it’s really committed to making outstanding projects happen. They work hard to build places where people can live better lives and feel good about their homes. On top of creating great living spaces at Amber Sea and other developments, Far Estate Organization also puts effort into helping out in the community and getting their employees involved too. So if you’re thinking about moving into Amber Sea or any place made by Far East Organization, you can look forward to living somewhere that not only meets your needs but might even go beyond what you hoped for.

Amber Sea in the Eyes of Residents and Critics

Amber Sea has really made a splash, getting thumbs up from both the people living there and experts. People can’t stop talking about how well everything’s put together – from the smart layout of the homes to all the extra touches that make life easier. Plus, it looks great with its pretty gardens. Folks also love being so close to everything they need in Marine Parade, not to mention enjoying some peace and quiet in this spot. On top of that, those who know their stuff say Amber Sea is a smart pick if you’re looking into investing your money or finding a new place to call home because it’s got this forever ownership deal going on, sits in an awesome location, and was built by developers with a solid reputation. All in all, Amber Sea stands out as a top choice for anyone wanting to buy property or invest.

Testimonials and Resident Reviews

People living in Amber Sea really like the place because of how well everything is put together, from the design of their homes to all the extra stuff they can do there. They talk about how big and useful each room is, along with how nicely everything’s finished off. With things like swimming pools, pretty gardens, and places to work out available for everyone, it’s clear why folks are happy here. On top of that, being close to fun spots around town plus shopping centers and schools makes life easier for them. The calm vibe you get in Marine Parade only makes Amber Sea more attractive. All these good words from people who live there show just how much they enjoy calling it home.

Expert Opinions and Critical Analysis

Experts have taken a good look at Amber Sea and they like what they see. They’re saying it’s a smart choice to put your money into because of several big reasons. For starters, it’s got this thing called freehold status which is pretty rare and valuable. Then there’s its spot on the map – right in the heart of Marine Parade, which means you’re close to all sorts of cool places and important offices. The company behind it, Far East Organization, has a solid track record too; people trust them.

With Amber Sea sitting so close to fun spots to hang out and where big business happens makes folks really want to live there. On top of that, the apartments are nicely done up with lots of room choices, great facilities for everyone living there, and everything’s finished off just right.

So when you add all this up – from being in a prime location by Marine Parade under Far East Organization’s wing with awesome home designs – everyone agrees Amber Sea isn’t just somewhere nice to live but also an excellent chance for investors looking for something worthwhile.


To wrap it up, Amber Sea really stands out as an amazing place to live. It mixes great design with being eco-friendly and having fancy features. Its spot is perfect for getting around easily, and there’s a good mix of homes for different tastes. The people who built it really focused on doing a top-notch job, which both the folks living there and experts have noticed. With its strong potential for making money in the future because of how the market’s doing and where things are headed, Amber Sea has some special qualities that make it shine in the world of real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Amber Sea Stand Out in the Market?

Amber Sea really shines in the market because it’s in a great spot, has freehold status, and is developed by Far East Organization. With easy access to things you need, places to go nearby, and spots for fun activities, its attractiveness and desirability are boosted even more.

How Does Amber Sea Promote Sustainable Living?

Amber Sea is all about living in a way that’s good for the planet. By focusing on green initiatives and taking care of the environment, this development makes sure everything from its design to daily operations helps reduce harm to our world. With features that save energy, systems that don’t use up too much power, and materials for building that are kinder to Earth, Amber Sea encourages people who live there to embrace a lifestyle that’s more eco-friendly.

What are the Available Financing Options?

At Amber Sea, potential buyers have a lot of different ways to help pay for their new place. They can pick from things like loans from the bank, using CPF funds, or even going with mortgage options. This makes buying a unit in Amber Sea easier for everyone.

What Are the Future Developments Around Amber Sea?

As we look to the future, it’s exciting to see what’s in store for Amber Sea. With the East Coast area getting a facelift and becoming even nicer, there are big plans to make East Coast Park better too. For those living at Amber Sea, this means they’ll have access to more facilities, places for fun and relaxation, and an overall boost in how easy it is to get around soon.

What are the key features of Amber Sea that set it apart from other similar products?

Amber Sea really shines when you compare it to other products out there because of its amazing features. With a freehold tenure, owners get the benefit of holding onto their property for as long as they like, which is great for anyone looking to invest. On top of that, its smart design and location close to all the important stuff make it an attractive option for both people wanting a new home and investors.

Written by Kevin J

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