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Toa Payoh New Condo Launch 2024 – Prices & Reviews

Modern Condominium Launch Scene In Toa Payoy With Interested Buyers And A Launch Banner.

Key Highlights

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is getting a lot of attention for its fancy living spaces and top-notch facilities right in the middle of town. This project is a team effort by well-known names like City Developments Limited (CDL), Frasers Property, and Sekisui House, which means it’s built to impress. Located perfectly, this development makes getting around super easy thanks to the nearby Braddell MRT station, quick routes to major roads, and lots of local spots like shops and parks. For those who love staying active or just relaxing outdoors, there are plenty of options including gyms and pools. Plus, with schools for the kids, places to shop till you drop, and the reputable City Developments Ltd as one of the developers, this new condo launch in Toa Payoh is a highly anticipated project that is sure to exceed expectations.

parks for weekend strolls,and medical centers close by,everyone’s needs are covered here.Marked down on calendars for completion between 2028and 2029,this place promises an upscale yet convenient wayof life,making it a smart pickfor anyone lookingto investin their future home sweet home.


Welcome to the 2024 launch of a new condo in Toa Payoh, an eagerly awaited residential project right at the center of things. This fresh condominium development is all about offering fancy living spaces, top-notch facilities, and a spot-on location that meets everyone’s needs.

City Developments Limited (CDL), Frasers Property, and Sekisui House are behind this exciting project. They’re promising quality that lasts, smart design choices, and real value for your money. CDL has been around for over six decades as a big name in global real estate known for its standout work and creative solutions. Frasers Property works across different countries focusing on various types of properties to make sure people have everything they need where they live. Sekisui House brings high-quality homes to folks worldwide with its strong reputation.

Located cleverly in Toa Payoh, this development makes getting around Singapore super easy. For those living here, reaching places like the Braddell MRT station or zooming along major roads such as the Central Expressway (CTE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will be a breeze thanks to great connections nearby.

With such an ideal spot comes access to well-known schools, shopping centers galore, plenty of parks and medical services too—making sure residents have it all within reach.

Overview of Toa Payoh New Condo Launch 2024

In 2024, the Toa Payoh New Condo Launch is something everyone’s looking forward to. It’s right in the middle of Toa Payoh and has some big names behind it like City Developments Limited, Frasers Property, and Sekisui House. They’re promising a place that not only looks fancy but also comes with all the modern comforts you could want. Plus, its spot can’t be beaten – easy to get around from there and close to everything you need. This new condo launch is really aiming to shake things up for living in Toa Payoh.

Exciting New Condo Launch in Toa Payoh: Toa Payoh One Residences

Toa Payoh One Residences, an upcoming condominium development in Toa Payoh set to launch in Q4 2024, is already creating a buzz among homebuyers and investors. Developed by a consortium consisting of CDL, Frasers Property, and Sekisui House, this project boasts a prime location at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Avenue 1 and will offer 775 residential units. Here’s a snapshot of the key details:

  1. Address: Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Avenue 1
  2. District: 12
  3. Tenure: 99 years
  4. Total Units: 777 units
  5. Unit Types: 2-5 bedroom apartments
  6. Expected TOP: 2028
  7. Site Area: 169,456 sq ft
  8. Plot Ratio: 4.2
  9. Number of Storeys: Estimated 40 storeys
  10. Nearest MRT: Braddell MRT (4-minute walk)

Key Features and Amenities

Toa Payoh One Residences offers a perfect blend of luxury and convenience, making it an appealing choice for families and investors alike. Its strategic location near reputable schools, various amenities, and excellent connectivity options sets it apart. Key features include:

  1. Proximity to Schools: Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh, and CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) are nearby.
  2. Transportation: Just a short walk from Braddell MRT station, ensuring easy access to different parts of Singapore.
  3. Amenities: Residents will enjoy easy access to shopping centers, eateries, and recreational facilities.

Market Context and Demand

The launch of Toa Payoh One Residences is significant as it marks the first residential venture in Toa Payoh in the last eight years. This luxurious development has sparked considerable interest among potential buyers, especially given the strong demand from HDB upgraders in this mature estate and its well-established infrastructure. Key points to note include:

  1. Historical Context: The last GLS site in Toa Payoh was launched in 2015, resulting in the successful development of Gem Residences, which was fully sold by October 2019.
  2. Pent-up Demand: Analysts anticipate high interest from developers and buyers due to the absence of new private home launches in the area since 2016.

Pricing and Investment Potential

Indicative prices for Toa Payoh One Residences are expected to range from approximately $1.3 million to $3.6 million, with per square foot prices falling between $1,718 and $2,466. With its strategic location and comprehensive amenities, this development presents a promising investment opportunity for those looking to secure a property in Toa Payoh.

Key Features and Highlights

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is really something special. It’s right in the heart of Toa Payoh, which means living there puts you super close to all sorts of handy places like shopping malls, schools, nearby parks, and hospitals. Getting around couldn’t be easier either because it’s not far from the Braddell MRT station and big roads that take you anywhere fast. On top of being easy to get to places from here, this place has got some cool stuff for its residents too – think gyms for staying fit, pools for a swim on hot days, and spots just to chill out or have fun with friends or family. So whether you’re looking into getting a new home or thinking about an investment opportunity that ticks all boxes – prime spot location-wise; no hassle when it comes to moving around; plus lots of modern comforts – this development at Toa Payoh could be exactly what you’re after.

Development Progress and Timeline

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh, a joint venture involving City Developments Limited, Frasers Property, and Sekisui House, is currently under construction. With an eye on finishing up around 2028 or 2029, this project is shaping up nicely and sticking to its schedule as part of the 2H2023 GLS programme. It’s getting a lot of attention as one of the top residential projects in the area thanks to these well-known developers’ reputation for quality. Located in a prime spot with excellent connectivity options nearby, it promises future residents a classy and convenient living experience. Make sure to stay tuned for more news on how things are going as we get closer to wrapping this development up.

Exploring the Location and Connectivity

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is really well-placed, making it super easy for folks living there to get around and enjoy all the nearby stuff. It’s just a short walk away from the Braddell MRT station, which means getting on the North-South Line is a breeze. For even more travel options, there’s also the Toa Payoh MRT station and bus interchange close by. This setup lets people zip across Singapore without any hassle. Plus, with big roads like CTE and PIE right around the corner, driving to different parts of town is pretty straightforward too, thanks to its strategic location and proximity to major expressways. So no matter if you’re someone who likes taking public transport or prefers your own car, this place has got you covered with its excellent connectivity options.

Proximity to Transport Facilities

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is conveniently located near various transportation facilities, making it easy for residents to get around. It is within walking distance from the Braddell MRT station, providing access to the North-South Line and connecting to different parts of Singapore. Additionally, the Toa Payoh MRT station and bus interchange are also nearby, offering even more options for transportation. With excellent connectivity, residents can forget about long trips just to get somewhere, as everything is within reach at this new launch in Toa Payoh.

Access to Local Amenities and Shopping Districts

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is right in the middle of everything you could need, making life super easy. With Toa Payoh Central just a short walk away, residents have quick access to lots of shops, places to eat, and services. Around this area, there’s no shortage of shopping spots either. Big malls like Bishan J8, Novena Square, and AMK Hub are really close by too. This means people living here can enjoy a variety of stores without having to go far at all. Additionally, families with school-going children will appreciate the proximity to esteemed schools such as CHIJ (Primary) Toa Payoh, Pei Chun Public School, and Raffles Institution. Thanks to its great location near so many local amenities and shopping areas within close proximity or just an easy stroll away from home makes everyday tasks simple for those staying at the new condo launch in Toa Payoy.

Detailed Look at Condo Facilities and Amenities

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about giving its residents a top-tier living experience. With everything from high-tech gyms and swimming pools, including a wading pool, to the latest in smart home technology and places where the community can come together, it’s designed for comfort and ease at every turn. For those who love staying active or just hanging out with friends, there are plenty of options like yoga decks, BBQ pits, and rooms you can book for private events. The smart features inside each home make life there modern and convenient while spaces meant for everyone help build a real sense of community among neighbors. Living in this new condo isn’t just about having a place to stay; it’s about thriving.

Residential Services and Smart Home Features

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is really stepping it up by offering amazing residential services and cool smart home features to the people living there. With things like easy-to-use booking and payment systems, folks can quickly check if facilities are free and pay for them without any hassle. For the tech-savvy, there’s a bunch of smart gadgets included too – think a gateway device with its own camera, controls for your aircon and lights that you can manage from anywhere, digital locks on doors, and even a video doorbell so you can see who’s visiting. All these add-ons make life more convenient, safe, and efficient for residents; they get to keep an eye on their place from afar, easily adjust their environment just how they like it, Fitness, Recreation, and Community Spaces.

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about giving everyone something special. For those who love staying fit, fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the accessibility to nearby parks and recreational facilities, such as the sprawling Toa Payoh Town Park, as well as the Toa Payoh Sports Hall and Swimming Complex. With play areas and lounges just for families, kids and parents can have fun together too. If you’re into hanging out with friends or need some alone time, there are BBQ pits and quiet corners perfect for that. Plus, with spaces like function rooms and gardens where everyone can gather, it’s easy to meet people and feel part of the community here at Toa Payoh New Condo Launch. It’s more than a home; it’s a place where life happens and friendships grow.

Design and Architecture Insights

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about combining modern living with caring for the environment. It’s designed to make sure people who live there have a cozy place that also does good things for our planet. By using stuff like energy-saving appliances and adding lots of greenery, this place really puts sustainability at the forefront. Inside each home, everything is set up to be both stylish and practical, making life easier and more enjoyable. With its focus on eco-friendly practices, cutting-edge design, and comfy interiors, living in Toa Payoh’s new condo launch promises to be something special. The site plan of the development showcases the thoughtful design and use of space, creating a scenic environment for residents to enjoy.

Sustainability and Modern Living

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about living green and smart. With a focus on being kind to the planet, this place has energy-saving appliances, solar panels to make use of the sun’s power, and even a system that collects rainwater so it can be reused. On top of that, they’ve chosen building materials that are good for the earth and added lots of green spaces around. But it’s not just about being eco-friendly; they’re also bringing in cool tech stuff for homes so everyone living there can enjoy an easier life with gadgets that save time and effort. By mixing these eco-smart features together, Toa Payoh New Condo Launch aims to create homes where people love living while helping out our planet too.

Interior Design and Unit Layouts

At the Toa Payoh new condo launch, every home is carefully crafted to make sure it’s not just beautiful but also super practical. From cozy 1-bedroom flats to big 5-bedroom houses and even some fancy penthouses, there’s something for everyone. Inside each place, you’ll find cool smart home tech, high-end appliances, and really good materials that all come together to create a space that looks great and works well too. The design of these homes puts a big focus on making sure spaces are used in the best way possible so that living rooms feel open, kitchens are easy to use, and bedrooms are comfy spots to rest in. With such careful planning going into both how these homes look and function,

the Toa Payoh new condo launch promises an amazing living experience for its residents.

The Developer Behind the Project

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is a collaborative effort by well-known developers City Developments Limited (CDL), Frasers Property, and Sekisui House. With CDL being a top player in the real estate world with various types of properties under its belt, and Frasers Property working on projects across different countries and sectors. On the other hand, Sekisui House from Japan has made its mark worldwide as an expert homebuilder. Together, their combined skills and knowledge mean this project in Toa Payoh isn’t just about building homes but creating spaces that promise quality, innovation, and lasting value for everyone who lives there. This gives residents every reason to trust in the development’s high standards thanks to the reputable names behind it.

Track Record and Previous Projects

With a history of success, City Developments Limited (CDL), Frasers Property, and Sekisui House stand out as developers. CDL is known on the Singapore Exchange for its impressive portfolio, having built more than 50,000 homes around the world and managing over 21 million square feet of space. On another note, Frasers Property has made its mark not just in Southeast Asia but also in Australia, Europe, and China with a mix that includes homes to shopping centers and even places to stay. From Japan comes Sekisui House which has put together over two million houses globally, including projects in the United States. For those looking into Toa Payoh’s new condo launch project can rest easy knowing these companies bring reliability along with their knack for innovation ensuring lasting value.

Vision for Toa Payoh New Condo Launch

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about giving people a place to live that feels both modern and full of history. It’s designed to be a perfect mix, showing off cool architectural styles while keeping the old-time charm of Toa Payoy alive. The idea here is to make a living space where quality is top-notch, everyone feels like they belong, and life just gets better for those who move in. With its great spot making it easy to get around and close to everything you need, this residential development aims to be the go-to choice for folks looking for an awesome place with lots of conveniences right at their doorstep. The Toa Payoh Town Park, known for its picturesque pond and tranquil settings, is just a short walk away from the new condo launch, providing residents with a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pricing Strategy and Investment Potential

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is setting its prices smartly, thinking about how much value the place has, where it’s located, and how nice the living areas and extras are. Because of where it is in Toa Payoh and who’s building it, this development looks like a great chance for investing. It’s been almost ten years since Toa Payoh saw anything like this new condo launch. This makes people really look forward to it. The way they’ve decided on the price and the chances for making more money from your investment later on make buying into this project seem pretty appealing.

Price Range and Comparison with Nearby Projects

In the vibrant landscape of real estate in Toa Payoh, Toa Payoh One Residences emerges as a premium choice with a price range of S$2,100 to S$2,500 per square foot (psf). This upscale pricing mirrors its sought-after location and contemporary facilities, positioning it as a strong contender in the current market.

Price Range and Comparison with Nearby Projects

Toa Payoh One Residences boasts a pricing spectrum ranging from S$2,100 to S$2,500 psf. This cost range signifies the development’s prime positioning and modern amenities, rendering it a competitive selection amidst the present market dynamics.

Comparison with Nearby Projects

A detailed analysis necessitates a comparison table showcasing the price brackets of Toa Payoh One Residences alongside neighboring condominium projects:

  1. Toa Payoh One Residences: Positioned at a higher price range, reflecting its status as a new, premium development with modern amenities and strategic location.
  2. Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Condo: Offers a slightly lower entry price point compared to Toa Payoh One Residences, but the upper range is similar, indicating comparable quality and amenities.
  3. Gem Residences: Significantly lower price range, which could be due to its older development status and possibly fewer premium features compared to the newer projects.

Toa Payoh One Residences shines as a premier selection in the Toa Payoh vicinity, with its pricing aligning with the high demand and excellence of the establishment. When juxtaposed with neighboring projects, it presents competitive pricing, particularly given its contemporary amenities and prime location.

Market Trends and Future Projections

The real estate scene in Toa Payoh has been on the rise, with lots of people wanting to buy properties there. The Toa Payoh New Condo Launch is especially exciting because it’s the first new place for people to live in Toa Payoyh after almost ten years. Thanks to its great spot, easy access to things like shops and schools, and the good reputation of those building it, a lot of buyers and investors are looking forward to this project. Over time, property values in Toa Payoh have gone up steadily. This pattern looks set to keep going. Putting your money into the Toa Payoh New Condo Launch seems like a smart move if you’re hoping for your investment to grow over time.

Purchasing Process and Financing Options

When you’re looking into the Toa Payoh new condo launch, buying a place is pretty simple and sticks to the usual steps for getting a home in Singapore. If you’re interested, all you have to do is reach out to their sales crew and pick your spot. For making things easier on your wallet, there are different ways to pay, like loans or installment plans. The folks in sales can walk you through what options they’ve got and help make sure everything goes without a hitch during your purchase process.

Loan and Payment Plans Available

At the new condo launch in Toa Payoh, buyers have access to a variety of loan plans and payment options that suit their financial needs. The developer is ready to share all the details about these loans, like how much you need for a down payment, how long the loan lasts, and what interest rate you’ll be looking at. Depending on what works best for them financially or just personal preference, buyers can pick from different ways to pay – this could mean paying bit by bit as things progress or choosing a plan that lets them delay payments. With help from the sales team, finding an affordable and manageable way to make this purchase is made easier for every buyer.

Community and Lifestyle

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is all about creating a lively community and offering a well-rounded lifestyle for the people living there. With lots of different amenities and facilities, it’s got something for everyone, whether you’re into keeping fit or if you’ve got kids to entertain. There are places to hang out and things to do that bring everyone together. It’s more than just homes; it’s where you can meet your neighbors, have fun with recreational activities, and make memories that last.

Family-Friendly Activities and Facilities

At the new condo launch in Toa Payoh, they really get how important family is. They’ve got all these cool spots just for kids like a playhouse, a room full of toys, and even a place where pets can hang out. With BBQ pits and lounges made for families to chill together, plus quiet places to just sit and think, there’s something for everyone. The pools are awesome too – there’s one that’s shallow enough for little ones, another with jets to relax in, and one you can do laps in if you’re up for it. Plus, they have rooms where people can gather for special occasions and gardens that everyone shares which helps neighbors become friends.

Networking and Social Opportunities

At the new condo launch in Toa Payoh, folks have a great chance to meet others and make friends, thanks to its focus on bringing people together. With a clubhouse that has rooms for all sorts of gatherings and events, it’s easy for residents to throw parties or get-togethers. There are also places like the gourmet pavilion and by the pool where neighbors can enjoy meals together or just hang out. Plus, with a high-tech intercom system at the lift lobby, letting guests in is as simple as tapping a button which helps everyone stay connected more easily. All these features combine to make living in Toa Payoh’s new condos not just comfortable but full of life and opportunities for making lasting connections.


The new condo launch in Toa Payoh, coming up in 2024, mixes modern living with great location benefits. It’s designed to be green and smart, offering spaces where the community can come together. Being close to transport options and everyday needs adds a lot of convenience for everyone living there. The people behind this project have a solid history of doing good work, so you know it’s going to be top-notch quality-wise.

If you’re thinking about what makes a good investment or just looking for your next home that promises growth over time, understanding how they’ve priced these condos could give you some useful hints. Inside the condos themselves is everything aimed at making life vibrant – from how they look inside to activities perfect for families. Whether it’s an opportunity to invest or finding that special place you want to call home, the Toa Payoh New Condo Launch 2024 is all about bringing fresh ideas and visions into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Unique Selling Points of This Condo?

The Toa Payoh New Condo Launch stands out for a few reasons. For starters, it’s in a prime spot that makes getting around and accessing modern conveniences super easy. On top of its excellent location, the condo is packed with up-to-date amenities and smart home technology. With all these features combined with the developers’ solid reputation, this development promises not just a superior living experience but also great potential as an investment.

Toa Payoh One Residences is a new condominium located in the heart of Toa Payoh, offering residents a convenient and vibrant lifestyle. With its strategic location near reputable schools, diverse amenities, and excellent connectivity to public transportation, this development is ideal for families and individuals alike. Boasting a 99-year lease tenure, 777 total units, and an expected TOP in 2028, Toa Payoh One Residences provides modern living spaces with top-notch facilities to enhance residents’ quality of life.

The floor plan of the new condo in Toa Payoh showcases a variety of bedroom types to suit different preferences and needs. With a focus on maximizing space and functionality, the floor plan offers residents a comfortable living environment with well-designed layouts. Additionally, the floor plan section provides detailed insights into the spatial arrangement of each unit, allowing potential buyers to visualize their future home in this upcoming development.

The new condo in Toa Payoh is conveniently located near the Circle Line, providing easy access to various parts of the island. With seamless connectivity between the North-South Line and the Circle line at Bishan MRT station, residents can travel effortlessly to the city center and city fringe. Additionally, being close to Toa Payoh MRT station and bus interchange offers further convenience for commuters.

How Does the Location Enhance the Value of the Condo?

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh boosts the value of the property because it’s easy to get to places from there, has great connections, and is close to well-regarded spots. The area around Toa Payoh has been getting more valuable over time, which makes it an attractive spot for people looking to buy or invest.

The new condo in Toa Payoh offers residents convenient access to the bustling HDB Hub, a central commercial hub that provides a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Additionally, the HDB Hub houses various amenities like theaters and atriums, ensuring a well-rounded experience for both residents and visitors. This proximity to such a vibrant hub enhances the overall lifestyle and convenience of living in the new condo development.

What Financing Options Are Available for Buyers?

Financing Options for New Condo Buyers in Singapore

When it comes to purchasing a new condominium in Singapore, understanding the available financing options is crucial for prospective buyers. The primary financing avenues for new condo purchases in Singapore revolve around bank loans, given that HDB loans are not applicable for private property acquisitions. Here is a comprehensive overview of the financing options available to new condo buyers:

1. Bank Loans

Bank loans stand out as the principal financing option for individuals looking to purchase a new condo. Key details regarding bank loans include:

  1. Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio: Buyers can secure financing of up to 75% of the purchase price or valuation, whichever is lower. This necessitates a 25% downpayment, with at least 5% in cash and the remaining 20% in cash and/or CPF savings.
  2. Interest Rates: Bank loan interest rates are variable and can be pegged to benchmarks like the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA), offering potential for lower rates but also carrying the risk of increases.
  3. Loan Tenure: Buyers can enjoy flexibility with loan tenures of up to 30 years, enabling adaptable repayment terms.

2. Progressive Payment Scheme

For new launch condos, a progressive payment scheme is typically followed by buyers. This payment structure involves payments made in stages corresponding to the construction progress:

  1. Option Fee: Initially, a payment of 5% of the purchase price is required, payable in cash upon signing the Option to Purchase (OTP).
  2. Downpayment: A total of 20% of the purchase price (inclusive of the option fee) is needed, with 5% in cash and the remaining 15% in cash and/or CPF savings.
  3. Subsequent Payments: Payments are made incrementally as construction milestones are reached, such as upon the completion of the foundation, structural framework, and so forth.

3. CPF Ordinary Account (OA) Savings

Buyers have the option to utilize their CPF OA savings for various payments associated with the condo purchase, including:

  1. Downpayment: Up to 20% of the purchase price can be covered using CPF OA savings.
  2. Monthly Mortgage Repayments: CPF OA savings can be utilized to service monthly mortgage repayments.
  3. Stamp Duty and Legal Fees: CPF OA savings are also eligible to cover these costs, subject to specific conditions.

4. Refinancing Options

Refinancing presents an opportunity for buyers aiming to switch to a different loan package following the initial lock-in period. Key aspects of refinancing include:

  1. Interest Rate Adjustments: Refinancing allows buyers to capitalize on lower interest rates or better loan terms.
  2. Flexibility: This option provides flexibility to adjust loan tenure and repayment terms in alignment with changing financial circumstances.

Comparison of Financing Options

Prospective new condo buyers in Singapore are presented with a range of financing options tailored to provide flexibility and support throughout the purchasing journey. By carefully evaluating their financial standing and long-term objectives, buyers can select the most suitable financing option that aligns with their needs and aspirations.

What Are the Expected Completion and Move-In Dates?

The new condo launch in Toa Payoh is set to be finished around 2028 or 2029. They’ll let us know when we can move in as it gets closer to being done. By showing your interest, you can keep up with all the latest news on this project.

Written by Kevin J

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