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Uncovering the Secrets: Treasure At Tampines Review

Treasure At Tampines Lobby

Key Highlights

Treasure at Tampines stands out as Singapore’s biggest condominium project, providing a wide range of unit types to meet various needs and tastes.

  1. With its location, getting to different places like shopping malls, MRT stations, and food centers is a breeze for everyone.
  2. For those looking for fun and activity right where they live, the development is packed with recreational facilities that promise an energetic lifestyle.

Being close to Tampines Hub adds even more charm for sports lovers and families who enjoy having leisure options nearby.

  1. Thanks to quick access to major roads and public transport options, moving around Singapore from Treasure at Tampines couldn’t be easier.
  2. It also presents a golden chance for property investors due to its prime position and the potential growth in value over time.


Welcome to our detailed look at Treasure at Tampines, the biggest condo project in Singapore. With its handy spot and a wide range of unit sizes, this place is like a hidden gem packed with fun stuff to do and cool places for everyone to hang out. Whether you’re just starting your career and need a small one-bedroom or have a big family that needs lots of space with five bedrooms, there’s something here for you.

In this review, we’ll talk about what makes Treasure at Tampines so special, from the ideas behind it to the standout features that make it more than just another place to live. We’ll also dive into why its location is super convenient for almost everything. Plus, we’ll give you the scoop on all kinds of homes available here – showing off their unique designs and how each one stands out.

On top of all that, we’re going deep into all the awesome facilities waiting for residents right outside their doors – think fun spots to chill out and green spaces where neighbors can become friends.

And before wrapping up, let’s not forget about looking into how investing here could be smart because of things like easy access to shops schools ,and ways around town . So come along as we explore why Treasure at Tampines isn’t just any condo in Singapore but truly something worth checking out.

Exploring Treasure at Tampines

Sim Lian Group has brought to life an exciting project called Treasure at Tampines. It’s a big and fancy condo complex that sits where the old Tampines Court HUDC used to be, right on Tampines Street 11. This place is huge, with 2,203 homes spread out over 29 buildings that are each 12 stories tall. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just want options, there’s likely a home here that’ll fit what you need. The whole idea behind this development was to make sure people living here have everything they need for a comfy and fun lifestyle, including lots of different amenities and facilities to use.

The Vision Behind the Development

Treasure at Tampines, created by the well-known Sim Lian Group, stands on what used to be the former Tampines Court HUDC. They bought this place for $970 million and gave it a new 99-year lease. Now, it’s turned into a private condominium that promises both luxury and modernity in living.

With their reputation for building top-notch homes, Sim Lian Group aims to make Treasure at Tampines more than just a home; they want it to be a lively community where everyone feels included. This development is designed not only with style but also comfort in mind, offering residents plenty of amenities and facilities right where they live. Located right in the center of Tampinas makes Treasure at Tampines an attractive spot for anyone looking for an up-to-date and convenient way of life.

Key Features that Stand Out

Treasure at Tampines stands out for a few reasons that make it really special compared to other places around. Here’s what makes it shine:

With its close location to Tampines Mall, the MRT station, and Tampine Street, living here means you’re never far from great shops, yummy food spots, and fun things to do.

  1. Getting around Singapore is a breeze from here because major expressways are just right there.
  2. Whether you need something small like a one-bedroom spot or something much bigger like a five-bedroom house for more people, they’ve got all sorts of homes to fit what different folks might be looking for.
  3. The way these homes are designed is pretty cool too. They look nice and use space in smart ways so everything works well and feels good.

So yeah, if being near stuff like the mall or MRT matters to you or if having choices when picking your home size does too—plus easy trips across Singapore thanks to those expressways—then Treasure at Tampines could be worth checking out.

A Closer Look at the Location

One of the big pluses of living at Treasure at Tampines is its spot right in the middle of everything cool in Tampines. With shopping malls like Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Tampins 1 just around the corner, folks here never run out of places to shop or eat. For getting around, it’s a breeze with public transport options aplenty; both Tampines MRT and Simei MRT stations are nearby. On top of that, there are schools for the kids, food centers for tasty bites, and parks for some outdoor fun all within close reach. This means people who live here get to enjoy a life that’s not only convenient but also full-packed with things to do.

Convenience and Connectivity

Living at Treasure at Tampines means you’re in a spot where getting around Singapore is super easy. With the Tampines MRT and Simei MRT stations close by, moving through the city on the East-West Line and Downtown Line becomes a breeze. And with the Cross Island Line coming up, it’s going to be even easier to explore different parts of Singapore directly. Besides hopping on an MRT, residents can catch various buses or drive along major roads like the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Tampines Expressway (TPE). This top-notch connectivity ensures that those living in Treasure at Tampines have no trouble enjoying everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Proximity to Amenities and Schools

Living at Treasure at Tampines comes with the big perk of being close to lots of handy places and well-known schools. For families with little ones, primary schools like Chongzheng Primary School and Tampines Primary School are nearby, making it easy for kids to get to school. With famous spots like the Tampines Round Market and Food Center just a short walk away, grabbing tasty local food is super simple. When it comes to shopping, there’s no shortage either; shopping malls such as Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Tampins 1 are all in the area. This means that residents of Treasure have everything they need right on their doorstep – from education options for their children to endless choices for eating out or going shopping – ensuring life here is both convenient and full of variety.

Analyzing the Property Layouts

At Treasure at Tampines, the layout of each property is crafted with everyone’s different tastes and needs in mind. From snug one-bedroom units perfect for single professionals to large five-bedroom homes ideal for families needing more room, they’ve got it all covered. With a variety of unit types on offer, this development stands out by blending smart design with practicality, making sure every space not only looks good but works well too. So whether you’re starting out alone or have a bunch of kids running around, there’s a layout that fits just right for you at Treasure at Tampines.

From Compact to Spacious: Understanding Unit Types

At Treasure at Tampines, there’s a variety of unit types to match everyone’s needs and likes. For the young professionals or couples just starting out, the one-bedroom units are snug and welcoming. If you need more room, you can pick from two-bedroom or three-bedroom options that give plenty of space for small families. And for those whose families are getting bigger or who just want more space, four-bedroom and five-bedroom choices are available with lots of living area and several bathrooms. Every layout has been thoughtfully put together to make sure it uses space well and works great for what you need. With all these options, finding the ideal home to fit your lifestyle is easy here.

Innovative Design and Efficient Use of Space

At Treasure at Tampines, the design is all about being smart and making the most of every inch. The site plan was put together with a lot of thought to make sure there’s plenty of green around, which makes living here feel really peaceful. Every apartment is laid out in a way that uses space super well, so you end up with a place that’s not just comfy but also works great for your daily life. This means you get nice big rooms to live in, including bedrooms and bathrooms without wasting any space. Thanks to these clever designs and layouts, residents of Treasure can enjoy homes that are both stylish and practical.

Unveiling the Facilities

Treasure at Tampines is packed with all sorts of facilities to meet the different wants and ways of life for its residents. With everything from places to play and relax, like swimming pools, gyms, BBQ pits, and playgrounds, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. For those looking into more activities, the nearby Tampines Hub offers a bunch of options suitable for any age group. This means that living in Treasure at Tampines allows people to have an active and satisfying lifestyle right where they are without needing to go far.

Lifestyle Amenities for Every Resident

At Treasure at Tampines, folks have access to a bunch of cool amenities that meet all their needs. This place has everything from swimming pools and gyms to chill outdoor areas for hanging out and having fun. On top of that, the nearby Tampines Hub is just around the corner with its exciting sports and recreational facilities offering tons of stuff to do no matter your age. Whether you’re in the mood for a swim, some exercise, or just want to relax, Treasure at Tampines has got you covered for a complete lifestyle that feels like living in a resort without ever leaving home. With so many amenities right where they live, residents get both convenience and luxury wrapped up in one amazing package.

Green Spaces and Community Living

Treasure at Tampines puts a big focus on having lots of green areas and making sure people living there feel like they’re part of a community. With its beautiful gardens that are taken care of very well, it gives everyone a calm place to relax and get close to nature. On top of the greenery, this place is all about bringing people together by providing spaces where everyone can hang out with each other. There’s everything from places where you can garden together, to BBQ spots and play areas for kids, giving folks many chances to meet new friends and really connect. Treasure at Tampines makes sure that living there means being in an environment that cares about both nature and fostering strong bonds among those who live there.

The Investment Perspective

Treasure at Tampines offers a great chance for property investors to see their money grow. Located in the lively area of Tampines, it’s right near important roads and public transport spots, which means getting around is super easy. This place stands out because it has lots of cool stuff like different facilities and amenities that everyone loves. Plus, with more people wanting to rent homes here and the development’s top-notch design and appealing unit layouts, it becomes a perfect pick for those looking to get the most out of their investment in properties.

Rental Yield and Capital Appreciation Potential

For property investors on the lookout for a spot that promises good rental income and the chance to increase in value, Treasure at Tampines is worth considering. Located in Tampines, this area is bustling and well-loved, ensuring there’s always people looking for places to rent. With a variety of apartment sizes available, including bigger ones perfect for families, it attracts all sorts of renters. Its closeness to schools, shopping malls, and other amenities makes it even more appealing for those wanting to rent. When thinking about how much its value might go up over time,Tampines stands out because of new developments around the corner like making Changi Business Park bigger and finishing up the Cross Island Line train route.These aspects make Treasure at Tampines an attractive choice both now and in future prospects.

Comparison with Nearby Developments

To provide a better understanding of Treasure at Tampines, let’s compare it with two nearby developments, The Tampines Trilliant and My Manhattan. We have compiled a comparison table to highlight the key differences in terms of resale prices per square foot (PSF).


Resale PSF Range

Treasure at Tampines


The Tampines Trilliant


My Manhattan


From the comparison, it is evident that Treasure at Tampines offers a higher resale PSF compared to The Tampines Trilliant and My Manhattan. This could be attributed to its newer development status, range of facilities, and prime location. However, it is important to note that the resale prices may vary depending on factors such as unit size, facing, and floor level.

The Developer’s Track Record

Sim Lian Group, a well-known and trusted developer with years of experience in the real estate industry, is behind Treasure at Tampines. This group has earned its reputation by consistently delivering top-notch projects that fulfill homebuyers’ desires and needs. With their commitment to quality, sustainability, and making sure customers are happy, Sim Lian Group pays close attention to details. They focus on crafting spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical. Because of this dedication, residents of Treasure at Tampines can look forward to living in comfort and enjoying their homes every day.

Past Projects and Industry Reputation

Sim Lian Group has built a strong name for itself with an impressive list of projects like Blossoms @ Woodleigh, Hillion Residences, and The Lincoln Residences. Homeowners have given these developments thumbs up for their solid construction, smart design, and top-notch amenities. With a focus on high-quality homes, Sim Lian has earned the trust of many in the industry. When it comes to Treasure at Tampines by Sim Lian Group, buyers can be sure they’re getting excellence in quality and craftsmanship.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Sim Lian Group really focuses on making sure their buildings are top-notch and good for the planet. They want to make homes that look great and don’t harm the environment. At Treasure at Tampines, they’ve used smart design to save energy and picked materials that are kinder to nature. With lots of plants and green areas around, it’s a place where living is healthier for people and better for our world too. Sim Lian Group’s dedication means Treasure at Tampines isn’t just pretty; it’s also a thoughtful choice for those who care about quality living in harmony with nature.

Living Experience

Living at Treasure at Tampines is really enjoyable and handy. With a wide variety of facilities, the condominium meets the needs of people all ages, making it easy to relax, have fun, or hang out with others. For those looking to cool off in the swimming pool, get some exercise in the fitness center or just take an easy walk through beautiful gardens – there’s plenty for everyone here. The apartments are nicely put together too; they’re comfortable and practical with modern touches and lots of room. Being located in Tampines means residents can quickly get to various amenities like shopping malls, schools, and transport options without any hassle.

Resident Reviews and Testimonials

People living in Treasure at Tampines are really happy with their homes. They talk about how great the facilities are, how easy it is to get around from there, and how good the management team is at taking care of things. From what homeowners say, it sounds like a friendly place where everyone enjoys a nice lifestyle. They like that their apartments have lots of room and look good too. Plus, everything’s kept in tip-top shape – from places everyone shares to having staff around who are always ready to help out. What makes them extra pleased is being so close to stuff they need like schools for the kids, shopping centers for day-to-day needs or fun outings, and public transport options that make getting anywhere else pretty straightforward.

Day-to-Day Life at Treasure at Tampines

Living at Treasure at Tampines makes every day easy and comfy. It’s in the heart of Tampines, a lively area where everything you need is just around the corner. For those who like to take it slow, there are peaceful walks down Tampines Lane or green parks nearby to explore. This private condominium ensures everyone feels safe and relaxed with round-the-clock security and well-kept shared spaces. With a variety of unit types on offer, finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle is simple here. Whether you’re chilling in your own space or hanging out with neighbors using the communal facilities, life at Treasure at Tampinas is all about enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Buying Process Simplified

The process of buying a place at Treasure at Tampines has been made really easy, so people looking to buy there won’t have any trouble. The team that sells the homes is ready to help potential buyers talk straight with the folks who are building the place. This way, they can get good deals and special discounts. When it comes to buying, there are a few steps you need to follow – like picking out your home and figuring out how you’re going to pay for it. Throughout all this, potential buyers get lots of help, including advice on managing their money and other parts of making the purchase. The people behind Treasure at Tampines really care about making sure everyone who buys from them is happy and finds the whole process smooth sailing.

Steps to Your New Home

Getting a home at Treasure at Tampines is pretty straightforward for potential buyers. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Start by getting in touch with the developer’s sales team to show your interest and get the best deals.
  2. Choose which unit you like based on what you need and can afford.
  3. For financing, talk to a bank or mortgage broker to sort it out.
  4. Next, sign the agreement and pay whatever down payment is needed.
  5. Keep an eye on how things are going with building your place by staying updated from the developer.
  6. When everything’s built, go check out your unit one last time before moving in.
  7. 7: Finish up any legal stuff and sorting out payments that are left.

8: Finally, grab your keys and start making memories in your new space.

The whole process might take more or less time depending on if there are enough units available or how quickly you arrange financing among other factors; so chatting with the sales folks can give you better insight into buying timeline specifics

Financial Planning and Assistance

At Treasure at Tampines, they really help out potential buyers when it comes to figuring out money matters. They make sure buying a place is as easy and calm as can be. The folks selling the homes there know all about different ways to pay for your house and will hook you up with some reliable financial advisors or mortgage brokers if you need it. This kind of support is super helpful, especially if it’s your first time buying a home or if dealing with money stuff feels like a maze. By helping with financial planning, Treasure at Tampines wants to make sure people looking to buy feel confident in their choices and have everything they need money-wise for their new pad.

Navigating Legalities

Going through the process of buying a property can get pretty complicated, but Treasure at Tampines is all about making things clear and helping out buyers. It’s really important for potential buyers to get what the sales agreement means because it talks about what both the buyer and developer are supposed to do. Getting a legal expert to check out this agreement is a smart move so that you know your rights are looked after. On top of that, folks should also learn about their duties as homeowners, like taking care of maintenance fees and following the rules set by the condominium.

Understanding the Sales Agreement

The sales agreement is basically a legal paper that spells out all the details about buying property. It’s really important for potential buyers to get what this document says before they sign it off. This agreement has key info like how much you need to pay, when payments are due, and when you’ll get the keys, especially if we’re talking about Treasure at Tampines. To make sure everything’s on the up and up and your interests are safe, it’s wise to have someone who knows law look over this agreement with you. By getting a good grip on what’s in the sales agreement, buyers can dodge any future legal headaches.

Rights and Responsibilities of Buyers

When you buy a place at Treasure at Tampines, as homeowners, you get certain rights and have to take care of some duties. You’re allowed to live in your unit and use it happily, but this comes with the need to follow the condominium’s rules. Part of your job is paying for maintenance fees. This money goes towards keeping shared spaces and facilities in good shape. It’s really important that buyers take time to learn about these by-laws so everyone can live together nicely. Also, you should expect that the developer hands over your home just like they promised – in good condition and quality-wise what was agreed on. Knowing all this helps make living at Treasure at Tampines smooth sailing.


Treasure at Tampines brings to life a dynamic living space with its creative design, easy-to-get-to location, and first-class amenities. The builder’s strong history of quality work promises good investment opportunities through both rental income and growth in property value. With an array of lifestyle features and green areas, it builds a community vibe among residents. Buying here is made simple thanks to the straightforward purchase process and help with financial planning. When dealing with the legal stuff, you can be sure you’ll know what your rights and duties are as a buyer. Treasure at Tampines really shines by offering everything needed for modern homeownership in one place, proving itself as a real gem for those looking to own their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Treasure at Tampines Stand Out?

Treasure at Tampines is known as the biggest condo project in Singapore. It’s packed with lots of cool stuff to make living there better for everyone. With its great spot, getting to places like Tampines Hub and the Tampines MRT station is a breeze. This place has it all – from pools to gyms and even beautiful gardens, making sure you’ve got everything close by.

Can Foreigners Purchase Units?

Indeed, people from other countries can buy places at Treasure at Tampines. In Singapore, the rules are pretty welcoming for foreigners wanting to own real estate like condos, and that includes spots in Tampines too. This opens up a fantastic chance for investors from abroad or anyone planning to move to Singapore to get their hands on a property right in the heart of one of the most lively and popular parts of the city.

What Are the Maintenance Fees Like?

At Treasure at Tampines, the maintenance fees are pretty fair and match what you’d find with other condominium projects in the area. With these fees, they take care of all the shared spaces, amenities, and greenery around the place. How much you pay usually depends on how big your unit is and what kind of facilities you get to use. This way, everyone living there gets to enjoy a clean and pleasant home without worrying about upkeep.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

When you’re thinking about buying a place at Treasure at Tampines, it’s not just the price tag you need to think about. There are extra costs too. For starters, there’s stamp duty – that’s the tax you pay when property changes hands. Then, there are legal fees which is what you pay a lawyer to take care of all the paperwork involved in getting your new home officially yours. So, when planning how much money you’ll need for your new house or apartment purchase, remember to include these additional expenses.

Future Development Plans in the Area

Tampines is on the fast track to becoming even more exciting, thanks to some big plans from the government. With an eye on making Tampines better, they’re going to make Changi Business Park bigger and bring in the Singapore University of Technology and Design. This means more companies and people might decide to move there, which could really boost how much homes are worth in that area. So for anyone thinking about real estate in Singapore, especially around Changi, things are looking up!

What Financing Options Are Available?

For those looking to buy a place at Treasure at Tampines, there are plenty of ways to pay for it. You can get a loan from a bank or another place that lends money. How much you can borrow depends on things like how much money you make, your past with borrowing money, and the percentage of the home’s value that the loan covers. It’s smart for buyers to look around at different loans to see which one fits their budget best.

Written by Kevin J

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