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Location and Concept of Mattar Residences @Macpherson

Mattar Residences Building 2 1
Mattar Residences building 2 1

Location Overview

Mattar Residences enjoys a prime spot at 7 Mattar Road. It is tucked within a quiet, landed property enclave. This location offers an excellent balance of privacy and access to urban conveniences. It is close to reputable schools, making it ideal for families. The nearby MRT station enhances connectivity, keeping residents well-linked to the rest of Singapore.

Concept and Design Philosophy

The design of Mattar Residences focuses on delivering luxury and exclusivity. With only 26 units, it promises a serene living environment. The architecture blends modern aesthetics with functionality, ensuring spacious and efficient layouts. Emphasis is on quality finishes and contemporary style to offer residents an exceptional living experience.

Location Overview

Mattar Residences is situated at 7 Mattar Road. This locale is quiet yet centrally positioned. It offers residents a serene environment away from the main road’s hustle and bustle. Nearby MRT stations, such as Mattar MRT, enhance connectivity. This makes commuting around the island convenient.

The area is also rich in amenities. Residents can enjoy nearby eateries like Circuit Road Market & Food Centre and Casuarina Curry. Shopping options are available at Macpherson Mall, Grantral Mall, and NEX Shopping Centre. Moreover, the proximity to reputable schools makes it a family-friendly choice. Overall, its location strikes a balance between privacy and urban accessibility.

Concept and Design Philosophy

Mattar Residences embodies a futuristic design ethos. The development focuses on clean, modern lines and high-quality finishes. Each unit is designed to maximize natural light, creating airy and bright living spaces. The architecture blends seamlessly with the surrounding greenery, promoting a sense of tranquility. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions are integrated throughout the building. 

This eco-friendly approach reduces environmental impact. Community spaces are thoughtfully crafted to encourage social interaction, fostering a strong sense of community among residents. Additionally, the design ensures excellent ventilation and optimized space utilization. Overall, Mattar Residences offers a luxurious yet sustainable living environment that caters to contemporary lifestyles.

Facilities and Amenities

Mattar Residences offers a range of top-notch facilities to enhance the residents’ living experience. The development features a well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts. A sleek lap pool provides a perfect spot for relaxation and exercise. The children’s playground ensures younger residents have a safe, fun space to play. 

For social gatherings, the clubhouse and barbeque area serve as ideal venues. Car owners benefit from ample car park spaces within the property. Additionally, 24-hour security ensures peace of mind for all residents. Conveniently designed, these amenities cater to diverse needs, promoting a balanced lifestyle of leisure, fitness, and community engagement.

Top-notch Facilities Offered

Mattar Residences prides itself on providing excellent facilities for its residents. The development features a state-of-the-art gym, ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to stay in shape without leaving home. A sleek lap pool offers a refreshing place to swim and unwind. Children can play safely and happily at the on-site playground. 

For social events, the clubhouse and barbeque area are perfect gathering spots. Car owners will appreciate the ample parking spaces. Ensuring safety, 24-hour security keeps the community secure. These facilities cater to a diverse range of needs, promoting a balanced lifestyle of leisure, fitness, and social interaction.

Amenities for Ultimate Comfort

Mattar Residences offers an array of amenities designed for ultimate comfort. Residents can enjoy lounging in the elegant communal living areas. The lush gardens provide a tranquil escape from the daily grind. There is also a dedicated yoga deck for those seeking inner peace. 

For families, the development features a serene reading room and a stylish function room perfect for gatherings. Smart home technology ensures modern convenience throughout the complex. Daily errands are simplified with convenient, on-site retail options. 

This combination of thoughtful amenities caters to both relaxation and practicality, enhancing the overall living experience. Mattar Residences truly blends luxury with everyday comfort.

Unit Types and Layouts

Variety of Unit Types Available

Mattar Residences provides a selection of 2 to 4-bedroom units. These units cater to both investors and families. The variety allows potential buyers to choose a home that fits their specific needs.

Efficient Layouts for Modern Living

Each of the 26 units boasts efficient, rectangular-shaped layouts. This design prioritizes space utilization and functionality. The layouts are ideal for modern living, offering both style and practicality. Families will appreciate the thoughtful design that maximizes living areas. Investors will find the space planning appealing for potential tenants.

Variety of Unit Types Available

Mattar Residences offers a selection of unit types, ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms. This variety ensures that both investors and families find a suitable option. Each unit type caters to different lifestyle needs and preferences. Investors might lean towards smaller units for rental purposes.

Families, on the other hand, would appreciate the larger spaces. Each unit is designed with optimal space utilization in mind. The layouts are practical and efficient, catering to modern living standards. 

This range allows buyers to select a home that fits both their budget and lifestyle. The diverse options make Mattar Residences an attractive choice for potential buyers.

Efficient Layouts for Modern Living

Mattar Residences is designed with modern living in mind. Each unit maximizes space without compromising on comfort. The thoughtful layouts ensure that every square foot is used efficiently. Open-plan living areas provide a seamless flow between spaces. Natural light floods the interiors through large windows. High ceilings add a sense of openness and grandeur. The units cater to various lifestyles, from singles to families. Smart storage solutions offer ample space for belongings. Bedrooms are spacious, ensuring restful sleep. Modern kitchens feature top-quality fittings and finishes. Each bathroom is designed for luxury and relaxation. Residents enjoy a blend of style and functionality, making day-to-day living a pleasure.

Developer and Track Record

Developer Information

Mattar Residences is developed by a reputable builder known for quality. The developer has a strong presence in the real estate market. They have years of experience in creating premium properties. Their focus is on delivering excellence and innovation in every project.

Past Projects and Reputation

The developer’s past projects have been well-received. They are known for attention to detail and high standards. Previous developments include both residential and commercial properties. Buyers have shown significant trust in their projects. 

The developer’s commitment to quality builds a solid reputation. With a proven track record, they ensure customer satisfaction. Mattar Residences continues this legacy of excellence.

Developer Information

Mattar Residences is developed by L.K. Ang Construction Pte Ltd. This developer has a strong reputation in Singapore’s real estate market. They have decades of experience and expertise in building quality homes. Their focus is on delivering high standards and innovative designs. Each project they undertake reflects their commitment to excellence. 

Previous projects by the developer have received positive reviews and high satisfaction ratings. They aim to create living spaces that enhance the residents’ lifestyles. The developer’s attention to detail and reliability make them a trusted name. 

With Mattar Residences, they continue their legacy of constructing premium properties with superior craftsmanship.

Past Projects and Reputation

L.K. Ang Construction Pte Ltd has a history of delivering high-quality projects. This developer has successfully completed various residential and commercial developments in Singapore. Their projects are known for durable construction and innovative design. Residents have consistently praised their work for its reliability and aesthetic appeal. L.K. Ang Construction’s attention to detail sets them apart in the real estate market. 

Their past projects have received numerous positive reviews from property owners and investors alike. This strong track record instills confidence in their ability to deliver on promises. Choosing a property developed by them ensures long-term satisfaction and value.

Connectivity and Accessibility Transport

Transport Options

Mattar Residences is well-connected to major expressways. The Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) are nearby, ensuring seamless travel to various parts of Singapore. 

Public transport is convenient with Mattar MRT station just a short walk away. This enables swift commutes to the city center and other districts. Bus services are also readily available, adding to the ease of movement.

Nearby Amenities and Services

Residents can enjoy a variety of nearby facilities. Shopping needs are met with Macpherson Mall, Grantral Mall, and NEX Shopping Centre close by. Essential services such as banks, clinics, and grocery stores are within easy reach. There are also numerous dining options like Circuit Road Market & Food Centre and Casuarina Curry.

Transport Options

Mattar Residences offers excellent transport connectivity. Mattar MRT Station on the Downtown Line is just a four-minute walk away. This ensures quick access to the city and other neighborhoods. Major expressways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) are also nearby. 

These roads provide swift commutes to various parts of Singapore. In addition, multiple bus services operate in the area, catering to different routes. Whether traveling by car, train, or bus, residents will find it easy to navigate Singapore from this central location. The convenient transport options make it simple to reach work, school, or leisure spots efficiently.

Nearby Amenities and Services

Residents of Mattar Residences will find no shortage of nearby amenities and services. For food lovers, Circuit Road Market & Food Centre and Casuarina Curry offer a wide array of dining options. Those who enjoy shopping have convenient access to Macpherson Mall, Grantral Mall, and NEX Shopping Centre, all just a short drive away. The area’s educational facilities are equally commendable, with reputable schools close by, ensuring a convenient commute for families with children. Daily necessities are also catered for, with supermarkets and clinics within easy reach. This prime location offers the perfect balance of tranquility and urban convenience. The ample services around make living here both comfortable and hassle-free.


Living at Mattar Residences offers numerous benefits. Residents can enjoy contemporary urban living in a thoughtfully designed space. The location in Macpherson provides excellent connectivity and access to essential amenities. Premium facilities are available to elevate the lifestyle of those who reside here. 

The variety of unit types caters to different needs and preferences. The reputable developer ensures quality in every detail. For those seeking comfort and luxury, this development is a prime choice. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity. The sales team is ready to assist prospective buyers. Experience unparalleled splendor in one of Singapore’s most desirable districts. Secure your dream home today.

Benefits of Living at Mattar Residences

Residents of Mattar Residences enjoy unparalleled convenience. Located close to Mattar MRT, commuting is effortless. The development’s completed status ensures immediate occupancy. Families benefit from top schools like St. Margaret’s and Canossa Catholic nearby. The availability of dual key units caters to diverse living needs. 

Only 26 exclusive units make for a tight-knit community. Premium facilities elevate daily living standards. The Macpherson area offers a blend of tranquility and accessibility. Nearby food spots enhance living enjoyment. The developer’s strong track record assures quality construction. Investing here means value for money in a coveted location. Mattar Residences seamlessly combines work, leisure, and education in one prime address.

FAQs for Prospective Buyers

Prospective buyers often have common questions. What is the starting price for units? 

Prices vary based on unit type and size but start from a competitive range. 

Are pets allowed? 

Yes, Mattar Residences is pet-friendly. 

What are the available unit configurations? 

Options include 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, some with a study. 

Is there parking available? 

Yes, ample parking spaces are provided for residents. 

What security measures are in place? The development features 24/7 security and surveillance systems. 

How do residents access amenities? 

All facilities are easily accessible with a resident’s pass. What schools are nearby? 

Reputable institutions like St. Margaret’s and Canossa Catholic are within proximity.

Written by Kevin J

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Mattar Residences Building 2

Location and Concept of Mattar Residences @Macpherson