Surgical Tech Salaries: How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Are you considering a career in the medical field? Are you interested in learning more about surgical technologists and how much they make?

We’ll cover the responsibilities of a surgical tech, the typical salary, and how to get started.

Overview of a Surgical Technologist

A surgical technologist is a medical professional who works in the operating room. They are responsible for setting up the operating room, preparing and sterilizing equipment, and organizing instruments for surgery.

They also may ensure the patient is properly prepped for the procedure and assist with patient transfer from the pre-operation area to the operating room.

Surgical technologists are highly trained and must be aware of surgical techniques and protocols to help ensure a successful surgery.

Average Surgical Technician Salary in the United States

In the United States, the average salary for a Surgical Technician is $48 per hour, with the base salary ranging from $45,100 to $55,400.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for a surgical technologist was $48,300 in 2019.

However, many factors can influence the salary for a Surgical Technologist, such as location, experience, education level, certification, and more.

Average Monthly Pay for a Surgical Tech Job in the US

On average, a Surgical Technician in the United States makes around $50,100 a year. However, this number can vary depending on several factors, including location and experience. The hourly wage for a Surgical Technician can range anywhere from $17.76 to $29.22 per hour.

In addition to the salary, Surgical Technologists may also receive additional benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, and retirement plans.

With the right educational background and certification, highly experienced Surgical Technologists can earn even more.

To get a better understanding of how much a Surgical Technician makes, it is important to consider the different factors that can affect salary.

Location, experience, education level, and certification are all key considerations when it comes to determining a Surgical Tech’s salary potential.

Average Salary for a Surgical Technician in Singapore

The salary of a Surgical Technician in Singapore is also quite attractive. According to PayScale, the average gross salary is $54,143 per year with an average bonus of $763.

Those who are just starting can expect to earn around 45,600 SGD per year and those with more experience can expect to make up to 95,720 SGD.

Zimmer Biomet offers one of the highest salaries for this profession, with a median pay of $64,931. Location is also an important factor in determining salary, as those working in Central Singapore tend to make more than those in other parts of the country.

Highly Experienced Surgical Techs Earnings

For highly experienced and certified surgical technologists, the rewards are higher. According to PayScale, certified surgical techs who have open heart surgery experience make an average annual salary of $61,000, as of August 2020.

With more experience and training, the potential to earn an even higher salary is possible.

In addition to a higher salary, experienced surgical techs also have access to more career opportunities, including supervising or managing a surgical team.

Factors that Influence Salary for Surgical Technologists

When considering a career as a surgical technologist, it’s important to note that salaries can vary greatly based on several factors.

These factors include the location, experience, education level, and certification of the technician. Location is often the biggest factor in determining salary potential.

The cost of living and regional demand for experienced professionals can affect the wages offered to a surgical tech. Experience is also an important factor as those with more years in the field are likely to command higher salaries.

Education level and certification can also impact wages, with those who have higher educational qualifications or certifications typically earning more than their non-certified counterparts.


Surgical technologists also have the potential to earn more depending on where they work. For instance, the average annual salary for a surgical technologist in Georgia is $47,980, in Hawaii is $56,080, and in Idaho is $48,600.

Moreover, surgical techs working in Boston may earn more than the average salary of $59,540. Therefore, location is an important factor to consider when deciding how much a surgical technologist can make.


Experience is one of the key factors that influence a surgical technologist’s salary. With more experience and knowledge in the field, one can expect to earn higher pay.

Those who have been in the industry for a longer period will typically earn higher wages than those who are just starting.

A highly experienced surgical tech can easily make up to six figures annually. It is important to note that the salary potential for experienced surgical technologists will depend on the specific employer and location, as well as the individual’s skill set and qualifications.

Education Level

Education level is another important factor when determining the salary of a surgical technologist. While many employers seek at least a high school diploma, many are willing to hire applicants who have completed an associate’s degree in surgical technology.

Those with a bachelor’s degree can command higher salaries, as can those with certification from an accredited program or the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. Becoming certified can lead to higher wages for experienced technologists, as well as job security and higher positions within a medical facility.


In addition to experience and education level, certification can also have a significant impact on a surgical technologist’s salary.

Becoming certified is a great way to demonstrate competency and increase marketability to potential employers.

Certification is typically achieved by passing the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam administered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting.

This certification is voluntary but highly recommended for practitioners who wish to advance their careers and potentially increase their salaries.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Surgical Technician?

Becoming a surgical technician is an attractive career choice for many individuals. After graduating from high school, it takes about one to two years to become a surgical technician.

Depending on the educational program you choose, you may earn an associate degree, which can take two years or so.

It is possible to complete your education faster, by enrolling in an accelerated program. Surgical tech programs usually take between 12 and 24 months to complete.

Students can take the course at a technical school, community college, or university. An associate surgical technology program, just like most associate’s degrees, is typically two years long and provides specialized training.

Herzing’s surgical technologist program takes 20 months to complete. After graduating, surgical technicians need to pursue certification to increase their salary potential.

Education and Training Requirements

Once you have decided to become a surgical technologist, it’s time to consider the educational and training requirements. As mentioned before, most surgical tech programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED credential.

Additionally, some schools might require prerequisite courses ranging from biology, anatomy and physiology.

Moreover, you can opt for a hard science program in high school to get a better understanding of the medical field. It typically takes about one to two years to complete an associate degree or certificate program in surgical technology and prepare for the certification exam.

After completing the program, students must pass a certification exam to become credentialed. Once you earn your certification, you will be ready to start working as a surgical tech and begin your career in the medical field.

Salary Potential for Experienced Surgical Technologists

For those who have several years of experience as a surgical technologist, their earnings are significantly higher than the national average. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for the top 10% of surgical technologists is $72,580.

This is nearly double the national average and demonstrates that, with experience, it is possible to make a very comfortable salary. Furthermore, some surgical technologists can make even more depending on their area of specialty and other factors.

For example, those who specialize in cardiac surgery or neurosurgery may be eligible for higher salaries than those who specialize in other areas.

Additionally, those working in larger cities may also be able to command higher salaries due to the higher cost of living in those areas.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Surgical Technologist

Apart from the average salary for a surgical technologist, there are many other advantages to becoming a surgical tech. You can expect to enjoy a great deal of job stability, since this profession is expected to see a steady growth in demand over the coming years.

With the right training and experience, you can also expect to enjoy good job security and advancement opportunities.

Furthermore, surgical techs often get to work in exciting medical environments and gain valuable insight into how medical procedures are carried out. As you gain more experience, you can also look forward to even higher salaries and more career options.


In conclusion, becoming a surgical technologist can be a rewarding career choice with the potential to earn a decent salary. The median annual wage for surgical technologists is around $48,530.

Depending on your experience and level of education, you can potentially earn even more. Plus, the job offers other benefits such as referral programs, paid housing and paid vacation time.

With the necessary training and certifications, you can become a certified surgical tech and make a great living in this field.

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