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Pinetree Hill: Discover Your Dream Condo for 2023

Picture yourself standing at the top of an enchanting hill, surrounded by a lush expanse of evergreen pines, and breathing in the crisp, fresh air while gazing at the breath-taking panorama that unfolds before you.

This magical place may seem like a dream or a fragment of your imagination, but let me assure you that such a haven exists, and its name is Pinetree Hill.

Nestled amidst the captivating wilderness, Pinetree Hill is an exquisite gem often overlooked by the casual traveler. However, those fortunate enough to have discovered this enchanting corner of the world cannot help but be captivated by its timeless beauty.

We will embark on a journey through the winding trails, verdant landscapes, and tranquil atmosphere of this alluring location.

After reading this, you may find yourself adding Pinetree Hill to your bucket list and soon experience the serenity and wonder it has to offer. So, sit back, relax, and allow me to be your guide to the enchanting haven that is Pinetree Hill.

Pinetree Hill: A Tranquil Haven in the Heart of Singapore

Pinetree Hill is set to become a tranquil haven in the heart of Singapore, offering residents a serene and luxurious living environment. Nestled between the Holland and Clementi areas, this upcoming 99-year leasehold development is a joint venture between UOL Group and SingLand. The project is slated for a hot launch in 2023, with potential homeowners and investors eagerly anticipating the release of site plans, floor plans, and other important details.

Occupying a sizable land area of 22534.7 square meters, Pinetree Hill is strategically located in the central region of Singapore within the exclusive Ulu Pandan district. The development promises to deliver a collection of 520 elegant condominiums, offering an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the surrounding neighborhoods, residents can expect to find an array of upscale private housing options, fulfilling the aspirations of many who seek a prestigious and desirable address.

One of the notable features of Pinetree Hill is its close proximity to an abundance of essential amenities, including schools, hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Most of these establishments are conveniently situated within a 2-kilometer radius, ensuring that residents have easy access to everything they need.

Additionally, Pinetree Hill is well-served by public transportation, with Clementi and Dover MRT stations just a stone’s throw away. Major roads and expressways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE) are within easy access, offering convenient connectivity to various parts of Singapore.

Another remarkable selling point for Pinetree Hill is the lush greenery and abundant water features incorporated into the development. Thanks to the expertise of renowned developers UOL Group and SingLand, future residents can expect top-notch quality and sophisticated finishing in their living spaces. Ultimately, Pinetree Hill aims to create a peaceful sanctuary that exudes comfort, elegance, and modernity – the perfect haven for homeowners to call paradise. 

UOL and SingLand: Joint Venture Developers of Pinetree Hill

UOL Group and Singapore Land (SingLand) have joined forces to develop the luxurious Pinetree Hill condominium in Singapore’s District 21. This highly anticipated development, nestled within the tranquil Pine Grove in the Ulu Pandan vicinity, is set to offer the best of modern living while being surrounded by lush natural landscapes.

With their combined expertise and reputation for delivering high-quality residential projects, the UOL and SingLand joint venture aims to create a vibrant and thriving community in this sought-after location.

Pinetree Hill, located on a sprawling site area of over 22,000 square meters, will have a 99-year lease and is set to offer approximately 520 units upon completion. As a result of the joint venture’s commitment to creating a seamless living experience, residents can expect top-notch amenities and facilities within the development.

These include a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, sports courts, children’s playroom, outdoor dining area, barbecue pits, and landscaped gardens – ensuring a diverse range of leisure options for every member of the family.

In addition to the exceptional array of onsite features, residents of Pinetree Hill will also enjoy easy access to a wide selection of bus stops and services, connecting them to key destinations such as Clementi Central and Bukit Batok. The development is situated within a 10-minute drive of popular retail hubs such as Clementi Mall, Grantral Mall @ Clementi and Clementi Avenue 2 Market and Food Centre. Furthermore, its proximity to renowned schools makes it an attractive choice for families.

With an offering of 1 to 4-bedroom apartments and penthouses, Pinetree Hill is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of modern residents. Superior finishes and well-thought-out layouts ensure that every unit exudes opulence, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a premium living experience.

Pinetree Hill Condo: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Investors and Homeowners

Pinetree Hill Condo is an excellent opportunity for investors and homeowners looking for their dream property in the tranquil Ulu Pandan area of Singapore. Developed by the prestigious United Venture Development (No. 5) Pte Ltd, a joint venture between UOL Group and SingLand, this 99-year leasehold property offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a luxurious residence amidst serene surroundings. With a winning bid of $671.5 million, equivalent to $1318 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr), Pinetree Hill is set to provide 520 spacious and elegant condominiums, perfect for couples of all ages.

Strategically located in the central region of Singapore, Pinetree Hill is nestled in one of the upmarket neighborhoods, offering residents a taste of city life without the hustle and bustle of a city center. The condo boasts an array of exquisite private condominiums, creating an ideal environment for a first-class custom life. Enhanced by improved infrastructure in District 21, residents will enjoy easy access to a plethora of amenities, including schools, hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment spots, most of which are less than 2 km away.

Connectivity is a key selling point for Pinetree Hill, with easy access to essential facilities through major roads, MRT stations, and bus services. Clementi MRT Station and Dover MRT Station are conveniently located in the vicinity, while the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE) are in close proximity, providing seamless access to residents.

The exceptional construction expertise of UOL Group and SingLand promises nothing less than premium quality buildings for Pinetree Hill residents. As a result, homeowners can look forward to elegant and sophisticated finishing that will elevate their lifestyle, as well as the condo’s value, making it a truly wise investment decision. 

A Prime Location in the Upmarket Ulu Pandan Area

Pinetree Hill, a luxurious new condominium development, is set to be a prime location in the upmarket Ulu Pandan area. Situated in the quiet and peaceful residential area of District 21, Pinetree Hill promises its future residents an escape from the bustling city life that Singapore is known for. This luxurious residential development, a joint venture between United Venture Development Pte. Ltd., UOL Group and Singapore Land Group, is set to offer approximately 520 units upon completion. With a wide array of amenities and strong connectivity, Pinetree Hill promises to be an ideal home for those seeking modern comfort and tranquility.

Nestled close to Clementi Forest, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and Ulu Pandan Park Connector, the residents of Pinetree Hill can enjoy the bliss of nature’s embrace, while still enjoying the conveniences of modern urban living. The development is also close to Sunset Way, a popular destination for food enthusiasts who appreciate the numerous eateries and cafes that can be found in the area.

In terms of connectivity, Pinetree Hill is well served by Dover MRT station and the upcoming Maju MRT station on the Cross-Island line Phase 2. Furthermore, there are several bus stops and services that connect residents to places like Bukit Batok and Clementi Central. For those who drive, Clementi Mall, Grantral Mall, and Clementi Avenue 2 Market and Food Centre are just a 10-minute drive away.

Education is not a concern for families with children as Pinetree Hill is situated close to renowned educational institutions such as Henry Park Primary School, Nan Hua High School, School of Science and Technology, and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. With its prime location, serene surroundings, and strong connectivity, Pinetree Hill is poised to be an ideal choice for those seeking an upmarket residential development in Singapore. 

Elegant and Sophisticated Finishings

Pinetree Hill Condo is an elegant and sophisticated residential development located in the heart of Pine Grove, Ulu Pandan, Singapore.

Developed by the highly reputable UOL Group and Singapore Land Group (SingLand), the prestigious condominium complex combines luxury, comfort, and convenience in a serene and tranquil setting. This exquisite property promises to offer the perfect haven for couples, families, and individuals looking for a sophisticated, high-quality living experience in the city.

The interior of the Pinetree Hill Condo showcases the developers’ impeccable attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-quality buildings. Each of the 520 spacious units boasts an elegant design with high-quality fixtures and fittings that ensure a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for the residents. The sophisticated finishing touches on the condominiums not only add to their aesthetic appeal but also exemplify a higher standard of living that discerning buyers have come to expect from UOL Group and SingLand.

One of the main attractions of Pinetree Hill Condo is its prime location in the central part of Singapore. Nestled between the popular Holland and Clementi areas, it offers residents easy access to an array of amenities and recreational facilities. From shopping at The Clementi Mall to dining at the nearby restaurants or exploring the natural beauty of the Ulu Pandan area, there is always something to do and see around the Pinetree Hill Condo.

In addition to its outstanding location, the condominium complex also benefits from excellent transportation links. Residents can easily access the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE), as well as the Clementi MRT station and Dover MRT station, which are only a stone’s throw away. This seamless connectivity makes it easy for residents to travel to other parts of Singapore for work or leisure.

Convenience and Accessibility at Its Finest

Nestled in the heart of Pine Grove, Ulu Pandan, Pinetree Hill Condo offers unmatched convenience and accessibility to both homeowners and investors alike. Developed by UOL Group and Singapore Land Group (SingLand), this highly anticipated residential development promises an ideal blend of comfort, luxury, and superb location in District 21, Bukit Timah Planning Area. With a variety of top-notch amenities and transportation options nearby, Pinetree Hill Condo is a smart investment choice for modern city dwellers.

A key selling point of Pinetree Hill Condo is its easy connectivity to essential amenities such as The Clementi Mall, Grantral Mall @ Clementi, as well as hosts of dining and entertainment options. Commuting to other parts of Singapore is a breeze, thanks to nearby bus services, Ulu Pandan Park Connector, and major roads. The development is also situated less than 1km away from Clementi and Dover MRT stations, ensuring seamless access to public transportation.

Surrounded by the stunning greenery of Ulu Pandan and boasting close proximity to natural attractions such as Bukit Timah Reserve and the Rail Corridor, Pinetree Hill Condo offers residents a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It is also conveniently located near reputed educational institutions like Henry Park Primary School, Pei Tong Primary School, and the School of Science and Technology Singapore, making the development an ideal choice for families with children.

While the Pinetree Hill Condo area has not seen many residential launches recently, this offers potential investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on a coveted piece of real estate in a prime location. With its excellent connectivity, array of top-notch amenities, and superb accessibility, Pinetree Hill Condo is the epitome of urban living – and an investment that’s worth every penny. 

Pinetree Hill Condo: Surrounded by Nature and Peaceful Ambiance

Pinetree Hill Condo is a dream come true for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful and serene living experience. Nestled amidst lush greenery in the highly sought-after Ulu Pandan district of Singapore, this luxurious residential development by UOL Group and SingLand offers the perfect blend of tranquility and convenience, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for its residents.

Located in an exclusive residential enclave, Pinetree Hill Condo is surrounded by nature reserves, parks, and tree-lined streets, providing a calming and peaceful ambiance for its residents. The development is designed to seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, with elegant architecture and ample open spaces that allow residents to fully appreciate the beauty of the environment.

Additionally, numerous recreational options, including parks, nature trails, and cycling paths are found in the vicinity, allowing residents to effortlessly indulge in various outdoor activities and immerse themselves in the embrace of nature.

Accessibility is no issue at Pinetree Hill Condo, with excellent transportation links connecting the development to other parts of the city. Clementi Road, a major thoroughfare, is located just minutes away from the development, while the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE) are easily accessible for those who drive. Public transport options are also aplenty, with Dover MRT Station, Clementi MRT Station, and various bus services easily accessible from the development, allowing residents to commute conveniently to various parts of Singapore.

Despite its tranquil surroundings, Pinetree Hill Condo is within close proximity to a variety of urban amenities, including shopping malls, dining options, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents have all their needs catered for without having to compromise on their peaceful lifestyle. Some of the reputable schools nearby include Henry Park Primary School, Integrated National School, and several international schools, offering quality education options for families residing at Pinetree Hill Condo.

Pinetree Hill Condo: Close Proximity to Top-Rated Schools in the Area

Pinetree Hill Condo boasts a strategic location that is in close proximity to several top-rated schools in the area. This makes it a highly desirable residential option for families with school-going children who are seeking a convenient living environment that supports their children’s education.

One of the key advantages of living in Pinetree Hill Condo is the easy access to respected educational institutions that cater to different academic levels, from preschool to tertiary education. This ensures that families can find suitable schools for their children within a short distance from their homes, allowing for efficient use of time and resources.

In the neighborhood, parents can choose from highly-regarded primary and secondary schools such as Pei Tong Primary School, Henry Park Primary School, and Nan Hua High School. These schools have consistently attained impressive academic results and are well-known for their comprehensive curriculums, dedicated teachers, and vibrant school cultures. The presence of such reputable schools in the vicinity is a major attraction for families moving to the area.

In addition to the excellent local schools, the international school community is well-represented with renowned institutions such as the United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus), the Singapore International School, and the Dover Court International School. These institutions offer various international curriculums, making it easier for expatriate families to find suitable education options for their children.

For tertiary education, prestigious institutions such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Singapore Polytechnic are a short commute away from Pinetree Hill Condo through public transportation or driving. This proximity allows residents the convenience of top-notch education without having to travel far from home.

Numerous Eateries and Cafes in Nearby Sunset Way

Pinetree Hill Condo, nestled in the tranquil Ulu Pandan area, offers its future residents the luxury of living amidst lush greenery, coupled with the convenience of a variety of eateries and cafes in the nearby Sunset Way.

This charming residential development redefines modern living by providing a perfect blend of comfort, style, and convenience, all within striking distance of popular F&B establishments, making it an ideal choice for food lovers and families alike.

Sunset Way, located just a stone’s throw away from Pinetree Hill Condo, is known for its vibrant array of coffee shops, eateries, and other F&B establishments. This up-and-coming neighborhood boasts a diverse selection of gastronomic delights that will surely tantalize the tastebuds of all residents. From trendy cafes and chic bistros to traditional local fare and international cuisines, there is no shortage of delectable dining options in this lively enclave.

Furthermore, Pinetree Hill’s well-connected location ensures that residents can easily access various dining options within the vicinity. With multiple bus stops and MRT stations nearby, getting around the area is a breeze for residents, allowing them to indulge in their favorite dishes at their leisure. The nearby Dover and upcoming Maju MRT stations ensure that Sunset Way’s eateries and cafés are always just a short ride away.

Families living in Pinetree Hill Condo will also appreciate the abundance of family-friendly dining options available in Sunset Way. Many of these eateries offer kid-friendly menus and ample space for gatherings, making it a perfect spot for residents to come together and bond over a delicious meal.

Future Developments in Ulu Pandan Will Boost Its Appeal

Situated in the tranquil Ulu Pandan vicinity of District 21, Pinetree Hill Condo is poised to become an even more attractive residential option in the near future. With a number of upcoming developments in the area, the neighborhood’s appeal is set to rise, making Pinetree Hill an ideal choice for both families and investors.

One significant development planned for the area is a nature park in the western part of Ulu Pandan estate. Located within walking distance of Pinetree Hill, the proposed park will be a welcome addition for residents seeking a peaceful, green environment amidst urban living. This nature park will also increase the overall sense of tranquility in the community, allowing residents to enjoy a serene living experience.

In addition to the nature park, Ulu Pandan Canal may also be transformed into a linear park and green corridor. This transformation will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area but also provide residents with more outdoor recreational spaces and opportunities to interact with nature.

Connectivity is another key factor contributing to Pinetree Hill’s appeal. With Dover MRT station and the upcoming Maju MRT station located nearby, residents will enjoy seamless access to various parts of Singapore. Furthermore, the development is well-connected to major expressways, making travel to and from the area even more convenient for those who drive.

The presence of reputable educational institutions in the vicinity also adds to the attractiveness of Pinetree Hill as a family-friendly neighborhood. Schools such as Henry Park Primary School, Nan Hua High School, and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science are located nearby, offering quality educational options for families residing in the area.

In conclusion, the combination of future developments and existing amenities in the Ulu Pandan area sets the stage for the increased appeal of Pinetree Hill Condo. As the neighborhood continues to grow and improve, homebuyers and investors are sure to see the potential in this luxurious new launch condominium. 

Bukit Timah URA Masterplan: Bukit Timah in 5-10 Years

The Bukit Timah URA Masterplan is set to transform the Bukit Timah area of Singapore in the next 5-10 years. One of the most significant changes will take place at Pinetree Hill, where a new centre is planned, which will offer a range of amenities for residents. This will include shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, as well as green spaces and areas for community events.

A key feature of the plan is the Rail Corridor, which will be revitalised to provide walking and cycling routes for local residents. This will be a major boon for the area, providing a green lung in the heart of the city. In addition, the Bukit Timah URA Masterplan will also bring changes to the housing market, with new developments planned across the area.

Those interested in the new development will be able to view floor plans and price lists at the Pinetree Hill Showflat, which will be the go-to destination for those looking to purchase a new property in the area. The Pinetree Hill site is set to become a hub for new housing developments, and the floor plans and price lists will give insight into what is available.

By 2023, the Pinetree Hill Showflat will be one of the most popular spots in the area, attracting tourists and locals alike. Overall, the Bukit Timah URA Masterplan is set to bring significant changes to the Bukit Timah area, revitalising it and making it a more attractive place to live, work and visit. 

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