War in Ukraine: The Economist interviews President Zelensky | The Economist

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Volodymyr Zelensky talks to The Economist’s editor-in-chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes, in his Kyiv complex dubbed “the fortress”. In a wide-ranging interview, the Ukrainian president discusses the state of the war, the international support he needs and what a Ukrainian victory would look like.

00:00 President Zelensky meets The Economist
00:44 Actor-turned-president: how did it happen?
03:53 Where was President Zelensky when the war started?
04:34 Can Ukraine win the war?
06:32 What international help does Ukraine still need?
09:55 How British and German support for Ukraine differs
12:36 Are the West afraid of Ukraine winning?
15:54 What military equipment does Ukraine need right now?
17:08 Can there be lasting peace with Putin in the Kremlin?
19:35 Is it possible to win, save Ukrainian lives and save the country?

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