McConnell just sent Trump a very clear message in Alaska

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In today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza breaks down how Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell isn’t backing down from his standoff with former President Donald Trump in Alaska’s Senate race.

An incredibly damning quote from Mitch McConnell on January 6:
(CNN) – Mitch McConnell knew that what happened on January 6, 2021, was deeply wrong. And that blame for the riot that day lay at the feet of then-President Donald Trump.

We now have definitive proof of that fact, thanks to a new excerpt published Thursday from the forthcoming book “This Will Not Pass” by New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin.

“The Democrats are going to take care of the son of a bitch for us,” McConnell told two associates just days after the insurrection, referring to the effort to impeach Trump in the Democratic-led House, according to the Times’ reporters.

And of Trump’s guilt, McConnell was equally clear-eyed: “If this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is,” he said. There was even talk that McConnell himself might vote to convict Trump in a Senate impeachment trial.

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