Indranee Rajah on ‘memorable’ and ‘unusual’ Budget 2022 and Committee of Supply debates

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The debates on Budget 2022 and Committee of Supply have been “memorable” and “unusual”, said Leader of the House Indranee Rajah as Parliament wrapped up its deliberations on Friday (Mar 11). COVID-19 was “not discriminatory”, with several Members down with the virus. But that did not disrupt the work, she said.

66 members spoke on the Budget Statement. There were 639 cuts, approximately 130 Parliamentary Questions, and 73 hours spent debating the fiscal policies and ministries’ estimates of expenditure. Against the backdrop of climate change and fresh tensions in Ukraine, the House debated and approved one of Singapore’s “most transformative” budgets, setting the path towards a fairer, greener, more inclusive and overall, a more progressive Singapore.

She stressed that the Government will not hesitate to take further action to protect households and livelihoods. Describing the debate as “robust”, she also highlighted the difference in approaches between the Government and opposition. She said it is good to “crystallise” the two different positions for meaningful insights and for people to make their own conclusions. As debates will get more robust, Ms Indranee reminded Members to maintain decorum in and out of the House. She concluded by thanking Members for their strong support and active participation, saying the two weeks have been “tiring but rewarding” for a Budget that reflects the needs and aspirations of citizens, and does its best to address their concerns, she said.

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