COP27: does it go far enough?

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COP27, the United Nations climate conference, has drawn to a close in Egypt. The Economist’s environment editor, Catherine Brahic, shares her assessment on the talks’ breakthroughs, the frantic conclusion of the summit and the limitations of the agreement that emerged.

00:00 – COP27 has drawn to a close
00:17 – The final 24 hours
01:04 – Successes: loss and damage and finance
02:10 – Where COP27 fell short
03:22 – Challenges for COP28

A new UN fund for “loss and damage” emerges from COP27:

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Climate diplomacy will continue to be a challenge in 2023:

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Egypt, host of the UN climate summit, persecutes its own greens:

Economic growth no longer means higher carbon emissions:

The world is going to miss the totemic 1.5°C climate target:

Few governments have done much about the climate this year:

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